wireless / wired network need mixed

  rsturbo 00:59 26 Jul 2006

require an extension to our wireless network. is it possible to have the existing belkin wireless router at one end (end A) of our (long and twisting) house and run a cat5 cable to the other end (end B) of the house and have a wireless transmitter at the other end of the house (end B)

the house twists and turns thru quite a few corridors so not ideal for wireless - and want to keep it cheap. needs to be wireless at the other end as one final wall has to be penetrated by the wireless to get to the garden shed which is now an office.

pls let me know and if you can tell me what parts to get.
thanks for any help

  FelixTCat 07:41 26 Jul 2006


When you say its not ideal for wireless, do you mean that you have tried it and failed? If you haven't tried it, do so and you might be surprised.

You could do as you suggest, or fit the pc at the other end of the house with a usb wireless adapter, provided it is one that comes with a base and usb cable, and experiment with the placement of this adapter.



  mgmcc 08:52 26 Jul 2006

To do what you suggest, you would run an ethernet cable from the existing router to the other end of the building and then connect a "Wireless Access Point" to it.

Stand alone Wireless Access Points tend to be extremely expensive compared to wireless routers (which incorporate a Wireless Access Point!). Therefore get a Wireless Cable/DSL Router, disable its DHCP server, plug your long CAT5 cable into one of its LAN ports (*NOT* the WAN port) and connect to it "wirelessly", so that it functions as a basic network switch.

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