Wireless WiFi and Health issues?

  Gaz 25 02:50 19 Jun 2004

I use 802.11g WiFi in my home, and various people are developing headaches when the WiFi is powered.

Im wondering if it is safe to be around a 100% signal all the time.

It is a 100% signal thoughtout the whole house and about 92% outside.

Are there any health issues for WiFi?

  hugh-265156 03:43 19 Jun 2004

click here click here= are some links i found on the subject.

interesting and a bit scary. huggy reaches for tinfoil hat.

  Gaz 25 03:58 19 Jun 2004

Seen a post on the internet:

Can 50 milliwatts of 2.4 GHz RF energy cause any damage to the human body ?


  Gaz 25 04:00 19 Jun 2004

the damn router - could be burning my brain cells out 1 by 1 everyday since its switched on for good part of the day.

  Gaz 25 04:02 19 Jun 2004

Think I will turn it off.

I get mega headaches when sat near it, no flaimin wonder. ;-o

  Gaz 25 04:06 19 Jun 2004

Thank god my cards are only 4db and my router is only 8db... or I would be cooked.

  hugh-265156 04:13 19 Jun 2004

Gaz 25 its more than likely that your monitor refresh rate is set to low. this will give you a headache if set at 60hz. try setting to 85hz. have you had your eyes tested lately?

there is all sorts of scarry info on microwave ovens tv`s, monitors and mobiles if you care to believe it. dont worry to much mate.

  Gaz 25 06:19 19 Jun 2004

TFTS! They have a super refresh rate - some have none measureable refresh rates. So its not that.

And my CRT runs at 100Hz.

Maybe I am over-reacting.

  Forum Editor 08:10 19 Jun 2004

you routinely hold to your head a device that emits around 600 milliwatts RF.

If you are a keen yacht sailor you are worse off by far - VHF marine radios emit at 25,000 milliwatts.

Then there's that useful microwave in the kitchen - it emits at between 500 and 1000 Watts RF (that's watts, not milliwatts).

This is a highly copmplex matter, and I'm certainly not going to offer safety guidelines here, but in general terms, exposure to RF emissions in humans is measured by using a Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR) per kilo of bodyweight, and a safe level is considered to be anything below 4 watts per kilo of bodyweight.

Above certain levels, RF absorbtion heats human tissue, and your eyes are especially vulnerable (as are the testes in males). You can rest assured however that the amount of RF emission coming from your wireless router is far below the safe limit, and well below the amount that you get from a mobile phone (and you hold that to your ear).

RF emission strength reduces with distance, and the further you are from the transmitter the less you will absorb. I doubt that your router is "burning my brain cells out 1 by 1 everyday" - you lose far more of them in other ways - each time you have a few drinks too many for instance. Not that I'm suggesting you do that.

  Gaz 25 15:09 19 Jun 2004

Thats relaxed me a bit, getting a little worried there.

Well as I said it is on for a good part of the day, hope that it wont affect any RF levels, but from what your saying they are so minimal - theres more in every day appliences.

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