Wireless.. what you need?

  Lizzie182 13:49 29 Jan 2006

Right ok, i'm wanting to set up a wireless network between my main desktop pc and my laptop. My computers now on bt broadband after switching from aol. I have a 2091 router and microfilters which came with the package, thats it. I'm told i also need a laptop adapter.. But would i be able to use a usb adaptor as my latop has usb ports, or do i definitely need a propper laptop one? also, will my main desktop pc need an adapter also?
Thanks in advance or any help

  Forum Editor 14:54 29 Jan 2006

will need an adapter, unless it's close enough to the router to connect the two via an ethernet cable. If it is close, that's the best thing to do - just plug the cable into any of the LAN ports on the back of the router (normally there are four) and into the computer's conventional network adapter - there will be a LAN port at the back.

You can certainly use a USB adapter for the laptop, although a PCMCIA card type will run a little faster. Having said that, in normal use you aren't likely to notice much difference. Install the USB adapter's software before you plug it in, by the way.

  Lizzie182 15:41 29 Jan 2006

ah right ok thank you muchly! one more thing though.. where's the best place to put the router then? and what else does it need to be connected to?

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