wireless webcam & outdoor surveillance

  fatsam 20:01 20 Jan 2004

I would like to monitor my motorbike which is parked outside of my flat. I'm hoping i can do this with a webcam (wireless because of distance to pc) either recording constantly or through motion detection. Most of the monitoring would take place at night. My pc is running xp home and i have plenty of space on my HDD. Any pointers to reasonable quality (and cheap)equipment and an idea as to the feasability of my idea would be much appreciated.

  Chegs ® 21:23 20 Jan 2004

I wanted the exact same thing(wireless webcam)to do the same(watch my motorcycle)I went to a puter fair and bought a tiny camera(wireless)that serves its purpose well(connects to my TV card so I can simply set it off recording to pc)It cost £70 for the camera+leads+receiver,but the following weeks fair,had similar cameras,but they also included infra-red diodes around their lens,for the same price.I tried a search online for these type of cameras,but no-one had them for sale at anything near the prices at the puter fair. :-(

click here Heres a selection from another google search,but trying to get a return on night operation failed.

  Chegs ® 21:25 20 Jan 2004

click here

Night time operable one here

  Forum Editor 21:28 20 Jan 2004

what good a webcam will be in these circumstances - surely the most likely time for anything untoward to happen is going to be at night, when you say the camera will be on, but
the webcam won't see anything unless you have bright lights on the scene.

Maybe you have a well lit area where you store your bike, and in that case you'll just need a decent webcam (protected from the weather if it's outside a window or somewhere like that), and some decent recording software. The camera has obviously got to be connected to your computer, but most cameras have reasonably long leads, so you should be able to set it up.

You can find the software you need if you
click here

  Forum Editor 21:31 20 Jan 2004

IK didn't read your post carefully enough, and missed the wireless bit.

  wee eddie 21:42 20 Jan 2004

There are also "Planning" issues here, God knows why, also the Data Protection Agency could become involved should a member of the Public become involved.

I know that this sounds mad but that's the way the Law has become!

  PurplePenny 22:14 20 Jan 2004

Is CCTV an option? CCTV cameras are cheap and see in dim light.

  Chegs ® 22:30 20 Jan 2004

The reason I use it to my TV card is it has its own software video recorder.The camera I bought(minus infra red)also has a tiny mic inside,so I can listen too if I wish.

wee eddie

These camera's come with a PSU,but can run on a battery for hours,as this one only draws approx 70 MilliWatts.
As for Data Protection Agency getting involved,the camera here is mounted inside my house,its field of view is only the MB and approx 4 feet around it which is on my property,if the Data Protection Agency were alerted to its presence(its about an inch across)they would be hard pressed to even see it as its mounted in an upstairs window,and the vast number of surveillance cameras in towns watching everyone...

There are also those B&W vid cams that folk get with their Home Security kits,the house opposite has one watching the path to its door,and a second watching their car(which is parked outside)and the owner has often remarked that he has seen me coming and going,yet never saw his son fiddling with my MB. :-)

  fatsam 23:41 20 Jan 2004

I'm hoping I could point a camera through an upstairs window, so no issue with power supply. Wireless is really so I don't have a long cable run. The bike is parked under a light, so I'm hoping Infra-red won't be necessary. Many thanks for your input.

  Chegs ® 23:50 20 Jan 2004

If you opt for no infra-red,even tho' your bikes parked under a light,all you will see thru cam is a big splodge of yellow.I have installed a 500W floodlight with a motion sensor(same as the type normally used to switch on a light so you can see the keyhole/path,etc) covering the area around my bike,the light usually frightens off prowlers,if I had had the chance,I would have prefered the infra-red cam.

  fatsam 00:47 21 Jan 2004

Thanks Chegs. Can I ask what type of tv card you use? Finally, if your recording straight onto your hard drive how big is the file/night.
Many thanks

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