Wireless using cable modem

  1403 12:04 06 Nov 2007

I have recently changed my BB connection from DSL to Cable.
With the cable modem (DPC2100R2)which my ISP has given me i cannot access my internet through wireless connection using access point(Aironet 1100).While i was able to do this with DSL router.
Is it not possible to use access points with cable modems directly without any router in between?
I m using a static Ip and not DHCP.

Can any one help me on this?

  mgmcc 19:42 06 Nov 2007

<<< I m using a static Ip and not DHCP. >>>

As far as I'm aware it is quite possible to use a Wireless Access Point connected directly to the Cable Modem. However, in the absence of a router, you won't be able to give the PC's Wireless Network Connection a static IP address, because it will need to get the address allocated by the ISP's DHCP server. Unlike your previous setup with a router, it won't be using a LAN IP address in a 192.168.x.0 subnet, the PC will get your public (WAN) IP address.

  1403 05:36 07 Nov 2007

But my ISP has given me a static IP so i need to assign the IP manually in TCP/IP properties for any connection wired or wireless.

Can't do any changes in my modema as well,tried accessing it but there are no configuartions which can be changed.

  mgmcc 14:06 07 Nov 2007

I don't know the answer. I've used a separate Wireless Access Point with a "wired" router, but there the W.A.P. can be given a fixed IP address in the same subnet as the router. I don't know how you give it an IP address in your situation.

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