Wireless USB speed slower on laptop than desktop

  coolteach 19:45 02 Aug 2006

This is an updated post with more info to a previous problem that, despite valiant attempts to solve (thanks posters), still exists.
I have an (up to) 8mb broadband connection which runs smoothly at just under 6000kbps on both my desktop and laptop through my Belkin f5d7632 wireless router when either is connected using network cables. However, when I connect using the laptop wirelessly via a belkin f5d7050 USB adaptor, the speed is continually reported as only around 2000kbps, even immediately next to the router with full signal strength. However, if I use the wireless USB on the desktop - full speed. I have used Dr TCP to check settings match on laptop and desktop. Are there any other settings that could cause the laptop to be slow when using the wireless USB?

(The laptop is XP pro, the desktop is XP Home. The upload speed is consistent when wired or wireless at 372kbps.)

Many thanks

  Gaz 25 02:39 09 Aug 2006

Both USB2.0?

  coolteach 21:05 09 Aug 2006

Thanks for the response.

Yeah, both machines are USB2.0 and on both machines, when wireless, I'm connected at 54Mbps on full signal strength.

  dms05 12:56 10 Aug 2006

Is an 802.11b adaptor connected anywhere. If it is it will probably reduce the whole WiFi down to it's maximum speed.

  coolteach 14:59 10 Aug 2006

Hi dms05,

No, there is only the 802.11g usb adaptor connected to the network at any one time. I have tried various settings in the router (e.g. 802.11b and g mixed, g only, 54Mbps only etc) all to no avail.

  coolteach 21:59 10 Aug 2006

Oops! I think, looking at specs on net etc, that laptop is not usb2 after all. It still says that it is connected at 54Mbps though so surely it should go as fast wireless as wired. How would being usb 1.1 affect connection speeds? Would they be limited to around 2Meg? Thanks.

  coolteach 00:27 11 Aug 2006

Gaz 25 - two words and you've helped me solve it I reckon!

I have been playing with the settings in the Belkin router with various combinations of wireless channels and modes and the following combination has given me consistent wireless speed of to 4Meg, the speed of my wired connection this evening...

Wireless channel 4 (determined by using Network Stumbler to find most stable channel)
Wireless mode Mixed (11b + 11g)
Transmission Rate 11 Mbps
g Nitro disabled

Thanks to all who helped on this post and my previous one on this subject.

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