Wireless USB internet connection fails

  Tj_El 14:33 28 Mar 2008

Hi folks!
I'm hoping someone here can assist me with my wireless internet connectivity query.
I have a Safecom 4-Port wireless router which I have setup and use to connect my PC and my laptop (wirelessly) to the net.

I recently bought a USB Wireless adaptor stick (Veho from Ebuyer) for the children's PC so they can go online. I followed the instructions properly - loading drivers first before plugging the adaptor into the USB port.

The adaptor came with it's own proprietory software for managing the connection. Using this and setting up WEP for both router and adaptor as well as MAC address in the router for the adaptor, when the PC (eventually) boots into Win2K (that's another story - the length of the boot time), I get 11Mbps connectivity...but when I launch IE, I always get the "Page cannot be displayed" message.

What step have I missed out on that should have been done?

As always, your valued input & assistance is appreciated.

Best regards.

  piddletrenthide 16:47 28 Mar 2008

It's not clear whether you've got the children's PC fully on the network. If not, run the network setup wizard on your PC and make a network setup floppy; then run this on the children's PC.

Check that ICS (Internet connection sharing) is not enabled on the children's PC.

You may need to disable WEP for this part of the procedure.

  Tj_El 08:42 29 Mar 2008

Thanks for your input piddletrenthide. However I believed / thought that process was required when you wanted to link another PC directly to the one with the direct connection to the net. I have a 4-port wireless router so didn't think this step was necessary.

Please confirm / advice.

Many thanks.


  LimestoneRock 11:59 29 Mar 2008

Have you tried connecting with the firewalls disabled? Also, you could try unplugging the children's PC for 30 secs, then re-boot and try again.

  piddletrenthide 12:41 29 Mar 2008

My understanding - which may be wrong - is that you do need to run the network setup wizard in order to enable the children's PC to connect wirelessly to the router.

I certainly had to do this in order to re-connect my friend's laptop when it came back from being repaired.

  MAJ 12:50 29 Mar 2008

You don't need to run any wizards, it should detect the router's signal and connect. Make sure that in the router's config page, there isn't any restrictions set for other computers, MAC address filtering for example.

  Tj_El 14:45 29 Mar 2008

LimestoneRock - I have done this many times over but it only connects to the wireless signal. IE fails to load any pages.

MAJ - I only set and enabled the MAC address for the USB adapter in the router. Aside from this there aren't any other restrictions.

piddletrenthide - I haven't set up a home network so all the pc's should independently connect to the net.

I didn't have to run the wizard for my laptop to connect. I just enabled the wireless functionality on the laptop, started the WZC service, enabled WEP-security (not the best I know but sufficient), and enabled MAC filtering in the router. As soon as the laptop boots, it finds the wireless network signal and connects.

I assumed the same would apply with the USB wireless adapter.

  Tj_El 15:20 29 Mar 2008

I'm beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with a low signal strength, currently running at 7%. If so, any ideas on how I can increase the strength?

Router is currently sited (and fixed) in the living room in a corner. Not really possible to re-locate due to the required proximity to the main telephone socket which happens to be slap bang in a corner. :-(

The pc in the living room is hard-wired using about about 8-9 meters of cat5 cabling!

If wireless cannot work then I may have to hard-wire the PC in the childrens room...hmmm...that would require about twice to three times the length of cable!!

  Tj_El 16:07 29 Mar 2008

I looked at the event viewer and noticed a DHCP warning in there:

Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the Network Card with network address: "000nnnnnnnn". The IP address being used is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.

Does the stated IP address have to be within the same ramge as that of the router?

  piddletrenthide 21:46 29 Mar 2008

If you are connecting at 11Mbps that should be plenty to establish an internet connection, although you may get occasional drop-outs.

My suspicion is that Internet Explorer on the children's PC is looking in the wrong place for a connection - try looking in Tools, Internet Options, Connections-... Wireless Zero Configuration will have set it up correctly on your laptop, but you don't have that luxury in Win2k. It has to be told to look for via a network connection through your USB Wireless LAN adaptor.

This can be set up manually, using expertise that I don't possess, but it's much simpler to use the Network Setup Wizard.

  Tj_El 14:51 04 Apr 2008

Hi piddletrenthide,
Many apologies for the long delay in responding. Thanks for your input. I will check this when I get home tonight and post feedback.

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