wireless trouble

  mantis1 18:19 21 Nov 2005

i am having trouble connecting to my netgear router.on network connections my laptop pick's it up but will not connect also the red cross is always on the wireless icon in the tool bar even though the wireless switch is on. it has worked fine before but has just done this a couple of days ago.i have got the latest updates and driver's for my laptop , it's a sony vaio laptop with xp pro. any help please.

  LastChip 21:35 21 Nov 2005

On some laptops (and I don't know if it applies to yours), there is a button that switches the network on and off. Have you checked for this as a possible problem?

  mantis1 22:02 21 Nov 2005

yes it is switched on. it has been working for months but it's just stopped working now and for some reason the red x is always on the icon. must be a hardware prob

  masterchief1591 22:49 21 Nov 2005

i just got a wireless usb adapter for my computer and i dont know how to share the internet connect. I want to use a cross-over cable to connect my xbox to my computer, but i cant share my wireless connection with the LAN. i've been told to right-click the wireless network connection in my network connections folder, then go to properties, click advanced and click the enable internet connection sharing thing, but that isnt there. What should I do?

  vin18 08:57 22 Nov 2005

I do not know the difference between NIC and ethernet adapter. are both same? Can anybody tell me pls?

  mgmcc 11:46 22 Nov 2005

<<< I do not know the difference between NIC and ethernet adapter. are both same? Can anybody tell me pls? >>>

You should know the answer to that because I told you yesterday in the thread you started at - click here

A "Network Inteface Card" *IS* an ethernet adapter!

  mgmcc 11:55 22 Nov 2005

"Internet Connection Sharing" is enabled on the actual INTERNET CONNECTION (the Modem connection) in the Network Connections folder. This would not normally be your Wireless Network Adapter, but if you are trying to share an internet connectionn with an Xbox connecting by crossover cable, where does the wireless connection come into it?

A Wireless Network Adapter would normally connect either to another computer in Ad Hoc mode, in which case a "crossover" cable wouldn't be required, or to a Wireless Router. With a Router, any other computers would also connect directly to the router - you wouldn't use Internet Connection Sharing.

I cannot understand how you are trying to set it up ???

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