Wireless from a switch

  moodboom 20:03 06 Jan 2007

My classroom is above the ICT suite which has a full 24 port switch. I want to get an internet connection in my room and I have a Linksys wireless G broadband router (not adsl).

Can I plug this into the 24 port switch, give the ICT suite 3 (or 4) more LAN connections and provide a wireless link at the same time? Is the linksys the right bit of kit to do this or will I need something else. Don't want to even start pluggin it in if it's not compatible.


  Ashrich 21:29 06 Jan 2007

Plug an Ethernet cable from the switch into the WAN socket of the wireless router then connect it to your chosen PC then configure it , it should detect the internet connection , then you can set up the wireless security , shouldn't be a problem .


  dms05 09:35 07 Jan 2007

Ashrich is 100% correct. The simple answer is YES and do it exactly as you envisage. Don't forget to use encryption or your students will also be able to access through the WiFi.

  Dan S 10:38 07 Jan 2007

The only addition I'll make is that you may also need to set your router to obtain all of it's network information automatically, as if it tries to give itself an IP address, then although you in the Classroom would be able to reach the router itself, you may be cut off from the rest of the network, and as such, the internet.

  moodboom 11:58 07 Jan 2007

I will try it on Monday and let you know how I get on. Green tick to come I'm sure. :)

  moodboom 10:58 09 Jan 2007

If I plug a pc into the linksys it logs onto the network, sees resources and goes on the internet, but will not print to any of the 3 printers on the network.

Can you think of a reason for this?


  Ashrich 19:02 09 Jan 2007

Have you run through the print and file sharing wizard , plus you need to load the drivers for each printer via the " add a printer " section , choose network printer , then navigate through the new network .


  Ashrich 19:07 09 Jan 2007

Actually , looking on my own Network , in the printer properties you have an option to share the printer , tick the radio button for each printer then click the button for " additional drivers " and select the operating system you are sharing to .


  moodboom 20:10 09 Jan 2007

Hi Ashley. Do you mean on the actual PC or is this somewhere in the linksys management? The PC prints fine when plugged into its own port on the 24 port switch. I unplug a PC from the 24P plug the Linksys into that socket and then plug the PC into the bak of the Linksys. The PC already knows the printers on the network exist. Is there somethign in the linksys that is preventing the original shares?

I will try what you suggest anyway tomorrow.

  Ashrich 20:33 09 Jan 2007

If it prints from the 24 port router but not from the Linksys then I am on the wrong track , time to put the thinking cap on again ....maybe the Linksys firewall ? Do you get file sharing through the Linksys .


  moodboom 21:02 09 Jan 2007

I can get to the shared resources through the lnksys yes, ie a shared folder on the server. I looked through the linksys setting and couldn't see any cntrols directly related to printing. I could try and disable the firewall and see if that allows printing. Would that effect the wifi security though?

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