Wireless speed - laptop and router

  johnstokie 14:14 02 Nov 2007

Hi. I know this is a daft question but...

I set up a home wireless network running via the cable modem. It works just fine. The only issue is that the laptop running off the wireless connection is slow. The netgear router runs at 270 mbps whereas the inbuilt wireless connection in the laptop is 54mbps.

If I get a 108 + card to slot in the laptop and disable the inbuilt wireless program will this boost the speed/connection?


  FreeCell 17:50 02 Nov 2007

Not a daft question at all.

You would get some increase in speed if you use a compatible router and card for the highspeed 802.11 g wireless standard. If you don't have a router that supports high speed then just getting a 108 card wouldn't help.

If you are thinking of buying a new router and card then look at the 802.11 n standard which is supported by most of the bigger router manufacturers now, although the standard is described as "draft". Look for a router that supports a higher speed over the distance you typically use between laptop and router and the drop off in speed is a factor of transmission power/distance.

In all cases the speed is a nominal figure and you are unlikely to get anything like that under real conditions but clearly the faster the top speed supported the higher speed you will get.

  Strawballs 20:23 02 Nov 2007

Do you do a lot of large file sharing across the network or play games across the network if the answer is no to the 2 questions then at the moment the fastest connetion speed availiable is 20meg which means your 56meg totally outstrips that and will do for quite a while.
It is like running a USB 2 piece of hardware in a USB 1.1 socket it will never run as fast as it is capable of.

  johnstokie 22:29 02 Nov 2007

Many thanks for the advice :)

The existing router (a donation) supports 802.11 g. On reflection as I don't do any gaming or major file sharing I'll stick with the existing 54 meg in the laptop, when that speed is totally obsolete I'll upgrade.

Cheers & thanks

  awaism 13:22 01 May 2008


I want to find out what max speed I can get on my laptop through the wireless router. I use BT Business Hub (Wireless 802.11g access point)and my laptop ia Compaq Presario C302NR which has integrated 802.11 WLAN.

On the Ethernet connection, the maximum speed on an 8MB connection is 6.5MB, but as soon as wireless is used even while placed next to the router 2MB is achieved. The signal strength showing as excellent so no issues there.

Is there is a way to increase the speed through wireless perhaps by disabling the integrated WLAN and opting for 802.11 n standard adapter as suggested by FreeCell.


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