wireless is so weak

  PSXGB 01:49 16 Nov 2006

I have been talked into getting the bt home hub(please dont laugh) the wireless signal is very weak once i move out of my living room is it possible to connect my other router and use it as an access point or am i totally of the mark can anyone advise me please.

many thanks

  Jan Cyrka 02:51 16 Nov 2006

Have you tried changing the channels on the hub? I changed mine to 11 from 1 and the signal improved. Also point the aerials in the general direction of where you need. This helped me too.

  g0slp 07:31 16 Nov 2006

It can be a bit 'Trial & Error' finding the best place to put the wireless hub, and to a certain extent the remote station aerial(s). There are no hard & fast rules; each installation is different.

As Jan Cyrka has suggested, changing channel may help too.

In general, the hub should be as high as possible & away from large lumps of steel such as radiators; these can mask the signals. The same is true for the remote stations; of course that can be a problem if your remote unit's plugged into something like a PCMICA card on a laptop! Having said that, even moving such a laptop just a few inches may help.

Remember too that the radio signals are low power microwaves, and are attenuated by obstructions such as thick walls. Quoted distances are generally only valid if there is nothing between the hub & receiving station.

For what it's worth, until a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded my system I was using my original wired ADSL connection to one computer, then routing via an Ethernet cable to a wireless router for my home's network. It worked well, but the downside was that obviously the computer with the wired Internet connection had to be running in order for other machines to have Net access.

Hope this all helps.

  PSXGB 14:05 16 Nov 2006

Jan Cyrka & g0slp
Thanks for your advice but your not gonna believe it but after doing the little tweaks you suggested it has improved so much my friend in the next street has found my network just so glad ive got 128 bit encryption i learned more from both your replies in 5 minutes than 3 hours with BT

Thanks again and all the best


  g0slp 01:12 17 Nov 2006

No problem. Glad to help. Enjoy!

  the pie eater 01:33 17 Nov 2006

Sorry but your like me fell for the home hub from bt i had a lot better signal before i have now gone back to my old and trusted old router.

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