Wireless Signal issue - need to boost signal

  SuspectGod 12:12 23 Nov 2010

Hi there,

I have just built my first custom pc, and so far everything has gone just fine. i have a wireless adapter card with all the drivers installed, however i only get one to two bars and a connection that constantly disconnects. The deal is that i am sharing my internet connection from my neighbour's wireless router in her house. She is absolutely fine with this, and its been the norm for a while now with my laptop being able to use the wireless almost every where in mu place. Anyway my new build is in the furthest corner of my house away from my neighbour, so i guess the only issue is that the signal is too weak to reach.

So im guessing that i need a wireless booster or extended, or something to bump up the signal. But i dont have access to my neighbours wireless router... Is this possible? Any suggestions or idea's would be greatly appreciated. I

Oh btw in my room, which is right next to my neighbours i get full signal on my laptop. However the room with the new pc in it is only one room away with just a wall separating them. Just thought i should add that.

Thank you in advance.

  Strawballs 13:41 23 Nov 2010

If you are using a PCI card then the arial is close to the interference of the electrical components of the PC itself try getting one with an arial on extention or USB one the same

click here PCI

click here USB

  Strawballs 22:17 23 Nov 2010

Just wanted to say thank you for shedding some light on the issue, and coming up with a simple fix. im almost certain that will work now, because my laptop used to get signal were my comp[uter now is :D Thanks again

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