Wireless signal gone crazy

  Possumwee 19:40 11 Nov 2007

Hi guys having a problem with my BT home hub. Basically all the comps on the network which is about 4 run fine and have fine ping.

My ping used to be fine but recently has gone insane spiking to 4000ms+ just to the router.

Signal strength also keeps dropping.

I thought my wireless card was the probs but i got a new one and it still drops in signal.

Im a gamer so this is a big problem any thoughts?



  Dipso 21:42 11 Nov 2007

Are the other PC's connected by wireless? If they are and they aren't affected it sounds like something is blocking your signal to the router. Have you moved anything around near where your PC is located, DECT phones, microwaves, TV senders can all affect the signal.

You could try changing the channel on the Hub for a start.

I experienced problems with my own WLAN about a week ago. The only thing I have changed is I bought a new DVD player which is located next to the router, I changed the channel and now it's fine.

  Possumwee 10:48 12 Nov 2007

thanks for the reply ill try changing the channel

  ambra4 11:30 12 Nov 2007

If changing the channel does not solve the problem check the Home Hub FAQ Connecting via wireless

About half way down the page

click here

  Possumwee 17:17 12 Nov 2007

Cheers for the help

Ok i changed the Channel to 1 and my super lag appears to have gone, allthough my ping still ranged from 30-100 in game. so it helped but problem hasnt gone.

Also one weird thing is, ill like time out as in my internet browser wont be able to find a page but i can still talk on msn and vent. If i log off of msn or vent then i cannt reconnect as if my nets gone down.

But i can still ping click here from me cmd, so im still obviously connected to the internet.

Ip and watnot are manually entered

its just weird how this happend all of a sudden

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