barryhodges 16:47 16 Oct 2008

With reference to my last post, my other alternative is wireless. However, the new BT hub is not quite powerful enough. Is there a way to boost the signal?

  T I M B O 16:48 16 Oct 2008

what bt hub do you have, i have found them to be quite excellent, much better than the BT Voyager 2110

  barryhodges 17:03 16 Oct 2008

i tried the new black one which is supposed to be the best for distance, but it didnt give a signal

  T I M B O 17:05 16 Oct 2008

Call BT on this Freefone number >> 0800 111 4567. They should be able to assist you in getting this equipment working for you.

  barryhodges 17:13 16 Oct 2008

thanks, but it isnt the fault of the router, simply not a strong enough signal. It stops working just as I get to the door of the mobile home where we need the laptop to work

  T I M B O 17:15 16 Oct 2008

They can assist you in using diffrent channels for wireless connections or go here click here

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