Wireless sharing

  tlr 13:04 09 Jan 2007

I have just got into the 21st century and gone broadband, I have 3 computers in the house, they all have USB wireless dongles to spaek to the BT hub. What I want is for the PC's to be able to share printers and files, it looked fairly simple but I must be missing something. The printer is connected to the mail PC

  recap 13:20 09 Jan 2007

click here it may help you.

  woodchip 13:41 09 Jan 2007

This is how to do it, As long as you have a XP computer and they can all connect to the internet via the router. I have two Desktops one XP other 98se and one XP Laptop Wireless, desktops are connected via Ethernet. Start all your computer and printers, Scanners do not work on a network. On the XP computer connected by Ethernet, go to Control Panel\Networking and start the Network Wizard, Create a Network Floppy when it asks, if no floppy use a USB flash drive. After you have done the Network Wizard, it's easy use the floppy or Flask drive or Stick in each computer, double click on the one file on the above device, you do this on all except the one you created the file, Safe guard the file so you can use again if you have problems. That sets up Networking. To use ether press WinKey+E or go through my computer and right click on what you want to share go to share tab and change the settings to what you want

  tlr 14:18 09 Jan 2007

Just given it a go and neither PC can see the others printer or files, each PC is connected wirelessly to the router so none of the PC's are hardwired, should this make a difference, both downstairs PC's are Dell and running XP SP2

  woodchip 23:32 09 Jan 2007

Can you get on the net from any Computer connected to the same router Wired or Wireless? if so the above is the answer. But as I said I have two connected by Ethernet wire, only the Laptop is Wireless but can get at printers and files from any. If they have been set to shared

  Woolwell 00:05 10 Jan 2007

I found this article helpful:
click here
If you have XP on all of your computers you do not need to create a floppy or transfer data to a usb stick - just run the network wizard on each computer obviously remembering the network name.
You have to set the printer to share.
In my experience the guest account has given me most trouble.

  Strawballs 00:09 10 Jan 2007

What firewalls are you running on each machine.

Just as a test turn off all firewalls and if it works turn them back on and set them to allow your network traffic.

  tlr 16:50 10 Jan 2007

woodchip, both PC's are wireless and both connect to the web via the hub

Woolwell I am running XP and have tried the network wizard to no avail

Strawballs Both machines are Norton protected I will try turning them off tonight sometime

  tullie 17:01 10 Jan 2007

If all else fails,try network magic

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