wireless setup for win xp + linux

  Rtus 00:08 15 Jun 2006

i have setup various flavours of linux & also run w98se /win xp .can anyone reccomend a wireless router /modem for both linux and windows use?

  mgmcc 07:23 15 Jun 2006

As connections to a router are by ethernet (or a wireless link that emulates ethernet) and ethernet is essentially "platform-independent", it shouldn't make any difference that you happen to be using Linux. As well as Windows, I connect to my router (currently Linksys, previously Buffalo) with Mac OS X and SuSE Linux, both of which are Unix based.

It is important that you get the correct type of router depending on whether you have ADSL or Cable (NTL/Telewest) broadband.

  Rtus 08:49 15 Jun 2006

I have a D-link DSL904 kit which utterly refuses to connect to the linux system.Fine with windows (in fact its a doddle to set-up.Im fine with most O/s's but (linux-xandros)is a new preamble for me & have not come to grips with how to achieve the wireless settings yet.
However as I use multiple system caddies to go to other O/S.I want to have just 1 setup for wireless, without the need to lay cables between the router & computer or unplug devices to make another work without conflicting.I hope Ive explained that well enough

  mgmcc 13:41 15 Jun 2006

Sorry, I'll have to admit defeat with Linux. It certainly did work the last time I tried, but I cannot get my wireless adapter to connect to either of my routers now, even with encryption disabled. A wired ethernet connection is working fine.

  Rtus 17:31 15 Jun 2006

Oh heck I hope I havent given your Pc a headache.....Thanks for going to so much trouble..Im now looking to find a Asdl modem router that will happily connect to w98/ME/ Xp & linux variants So if any one uses linux & a wireless set-up SHOUT.....

  mgmcc 20:07 15 Jun 2006

<<< Oh heck I hope I havent given your Pc a headache >>>

No, because I also use a hard drive caddy and can swap hard drives in seconds. SuSE Linux is on a drive of its own. What is going to be a problem is that it will now niggle me that I couldn't get it working! I really don't know much about Linux, but SuSE 10 has generally been good with everything tending to work "out of the box". I don't actually know where the adapter can be told to scan for Wireless Networks, which may be part of the problem.

  mgmcc 21:35 15 Jun 2006

Finally got it working! I'm sending this from SuSE Linux using Firefox and a "wireless" connection from my Belkin USB WiFi adapter to the Linksys router. I had to revert to WEP encryption, WPA just wouldn't work. I discovered there is a "Dial-Up" option in the Internet menu which opens "KInternet", where you can scan for Wireless Networks.

While I have no need for a wireless connection (the PC and router are within five feet), it would have driven me nuts not being able to get it to work!

  Rtus 23:17 15 Jun 2006

Well Ive decided to replace the Dlink (as its off to Uni next week ) with a zoomX6 unit which according to the blurb works out the box in linux /winx9/Xp & mac?(what ever that is) Ill let you know how it goes /or not .lol..Im glad you didnt give up on it, all you got to do now is to post How! might come in handy later on , for others as well as me.Thanks once again..

  mgmcc 08:16 16 Jun 2006

I honestly don't think changing the router should make any difference. Networking via ethernet and WiFi (802.11g) uses standard protocols and these are not specific to particular operating systems.

<<< works out the box in linux /winx9/Xp & mac?(what ever that is) >>>

"Mac" is an Apple computer, currently using the Mac OS X 10.4.6 operating system.

<<< all you got to do now is to post How! >>>

I decided to have another go, reconfigured the Wireless Adapter numerous times and eventually settled on 64-bit WEP encryption. I changed the setting in the router from my normal WPA setting to WEP, rebooted the Linux PC and it connected automatically.

  Rtus 11:23 16 Jun 2006

Thanks, Its getting to the settings box in linux thats vague at the moment. Ill post back when I have the new router in place..
going to get it later today.

  Rtus 22:36 17 Jun 2006

done & up & running on default settings..Win Xp /etc + linux xandros/PclinuxOs. which I got on a mag. booted & ran straight away.

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