Wireless setup problem

  skidzy 17:58 27 May 2006

Hello Forum

Firstly i know nothing about setting up a wireless connection,xp home sp2

Ok,ive bought a Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router.

After following the instructions and set this up,i get to the submit and then nothing....This i believe is happening because i have unplugged the original speedtouch bb modem.Ive had to do this,as i need to use the adsl socket...also i didnt think i should be having 2 modems on the go at once.

The desktop is going to be the base for the wireless connection and hopefully will serve the new laptop that is wireless enabled.Ive just read that i may need a usb network adaptor...now do i need this plugged into the pc as well ? before i try to set up the wireless connection as the lappy is wireless enabled.

I hope you can understand this,because im really stumped.

All replies and advice is very much appreciated.

Thankyou in advance

  Forum Editor 18:50 27 May 2006

to the phone line, and if you already have one I'm not sure why you bought the second one. I suspect that it's because your wireless router only has an ethernet connection, and your Speedtouch modem has a USB connector.

In that case, you would have been better advised to buy a combined modem/router, but you'll still be OK.

Connect the new modem to the ADSL phone line, and then connect the modem to the router. Now connect the router to your PC's ordinary network card, using the cable that came with the router. Make sure the router is powered up, and follow the setup routine that's in the router's manual.

Once you've completed the setup configuration and saved it to the router's firmware, as explained in the manual, you should see the router make a connection via the modem. The router's lights will go green signifying a successful connection. You should now be able to use the internet on your PC - via the cable connection - and also on your laptop via its inbuilt wireless adapter.

If your computer has a wireless adapter you should now disconnect the cable to the router, otherwise you can leave the cable connected permanently, or alternatively buy an external USB adapter, or an internal PCI card adapter.

  ade.h 19:02 27 May 2006

Skidzy, if your router is near to your dekstop, don't bother using it wirelessly; nothing to gain by it.

I'm not sure what you mean by "I get to the submit and then nothing". In the router config? Have you got the 7632 by the way?

  skidzy 19:03 27 May 2006

Thanks Fe but :

Ok i may have lost myself and everyone with it.

The pc is not wireless enabled,i was advised to buy a modem router...this i have done.
Do i need to have a usb adaptor with the router modem.

Problem is when i try to set the modem router up after taking my old modem out is i only get to the submit page and no further.

yes,the new modem router is connected by ethernet to pc,adsl is to the phone line splitter from the router.

Im then asked to type into the address bar.
This brings up the submit page and thats it,no more.
Now is this trying to access the internet to carry on the setup....it cannot as the speedtouch modem has been unplugged and therefore the new router/modem has no settings to access the net.

Thanks again....hope you can understand what im trying to say.

  skidzy 19:07 27 May 2006

click here=

This is the one i bought.if i hadnt packed it all away i would sort a screen shot for you.

  ade.h 19:09 27 May 2006

Once you have entered the router config via its IP, you should get striaght in because there's no password set yet. It's not like Netgears etc which have a default password to enter. You go to Connection Settings and enter your ADSL ISP details. There is a wizard available from the bar across the top (depending on version).

  ade.h 19:10 27 May 2006

Yep, that's the same as mine, although your firmware rev will probably be the next one along, as I haven't bothered to update mine since I bought it. If it ain't broke....

  skidzy 19:14 27 May 2006

Ade.the first thing it does is ask for a password and advises you to leave it for now (blank) once clicked on that it asks to submit,this is where it goes pear shaped and does nothing....could this be faulty or even the firewall (zonealarm) causing problems.

  ade.h 19:23 27 May 2006

Well, no, it could just be one of the changes that has come about with the current firmware rev. There have been a few minor tweaks to the UI - a couple of settings removed, that sort of thing - so they might have decided to change the behaviour when no password has yet been set.

  skidzy 19:24 27 May 2006

Thankyou both for your help so far,ive got to pop out for a while and hope to catch up with this later or tomorrow.Again thankyou for your advice and time.
Cheers Skidzy

  ade.h 19:26 27 May 2006

Your firewall won't affect it and neither will script blocking; I tested mine recently with Noscript active and it was okay.

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