Wireless Set Up Problems

  Spinney13 08:00 01 Jun 2008

Until fairly recently I have had no problems running my PC and 2 lap tops all wirelessly via a Netgear router,then for no reason I cpould see I lost all connections.To cut a long story short I replaced the Router and Modem but still have the following problems
Connect by cable from Modem to PC's all is fine although occasionally I have to reboot the modem to get a signal
As soon as I try to connect via cables but through the router to set up the eireless the send and receive lights on the Modem go out.
All the cables work ok ad the Modem and router are new so any help on this would be much appreciated

  The Kestrel 11:42 01 Jun 2008

Sounds like a problem with the 'phone line to the router. Is the router connected to the master 'phone socket or to an extension socket? If connected to an extension, try connecting the router to the master socket and see if that changes things. If so there is likely to be a problem with the extension circuit.

If above fails, contact BT or your 'phone supplier and ask them to run a check on your 'phone line from the exchange. If this is OK then I suggest you contact your ISP and ask them to investigate the problem.

  Spinney13 12:46 01 Jun 2008

It is a cable connection through Virgin and I was considering asking them to check the line,however the fact that I havce a connection through an ethernet cable now makes me think that the line is ok.However each time I move the cable from my works laptop to my daughters laptop the connection is not picked up until I reboot the modem

  The Kestrel 16:27 01 Jun 2008

Does the wireless signal light on the router stay on continuously? Do the laptops have built in wireless card or are they using adapters? Do the laptops still fail to connect wirelessly if they are close to the router?

On another tack, in the router wireless settings, set up access list, are the laptops identified and allowed to connect to the network? Do you have the network WEP or WPA protected. If so has the code been entered into the laptop network settings to allow access?

  Spinney13 18:46 01 Jun 2008

The problem is not the laptops connecting wirelessly but tyhe fact that when I am trying to set up the router and am connected by wires to the modem and router I cannot get an internet connection and the Netgear Router set up will not work without them.I unplug the router (plural as I have tried this with 2 routers) plug the ethernet cable direct from the laptop to the Modem and Bingo internet connection

  brundle 18:54 01 Jun 2008

The router is the problem, not the internet connection. Are you using the cable that came with the router to connect to the modem? It will be a straight-through cable, cables connecting your computer(s) to the router are crossovers/patch cables. Not easy to tell just by visually inspecting the connectors.

  brundle 18:55 01 Jun 2008

The Send/Rx lights don't flash all the time, you're more likely to notice problems if the PC light goes out (what model of modem is it?).

  Spinney13 19:12 01 Jun 2008

Brundle I was beginning to think it was the cables so I will make sure I have the correct ones and try again

  borofc 13:13 12 Sep 2008

my laptop was working fine on wireles connected to BT openzone in hotel now when connect i only get BT web page tried to repair keeps coming up "no gateway" can you help please

  wester john 15:23 30 Jan 2010

I have a ZyXEL router connected to my PC and the network has two laptops running Vista, and a PC running XP. Until recently, all worked well then in the last week I suddenly had a problem in that the laptops would not connect to the internet (I'm using Firefox, as is one of the laptops). I tried my old laptop using XP and there was no problem. The other PC running XP still works fine too. Could it be that an update to Vista is causing the problem. Otherwise there have been no changes to my system.
Grateful for any advice please.

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