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  moggers 11:21 31 Jan 2006

Hi Im going to set up a wireless network in my house using 2 comps in different rooms my question is do I need a wireless card in both comps and plug the router into the modem, or can I plug the modem into one of the pcs then attach the router to the first PC so only using one card? Its a cable modem. Also ive read that wireless is not ideal for gaming so would i be better off using a wired network, and do i just use a standard network card for a wired network? I already have a PCI wireless card in 1 comp so im probably better off sticking with that although in my old house the signal did drop from time to time is this a common problem with wireless networks?

  rmcqua 11:37 31 Jan 2006

You could take a wired output from the modem into one of your PCs and use the second PC with the wireless card. Your modem would need to have more than 1 RJ45 port (1 for direct connection to PC1, another for the wireless router).
I'm not really qualified to comment on wireless and gaming but my son has wireless in his room and runs some pretty quick on-line game programs without any apparent problems. He has a 108MBps wireless adapter in his machine.
Wireless signal attenuation does depend on the structure of the house. The thicker the walls (older houses), the greater will be the signal loss. This can be a problem in large, old houses. There are some adapters available that claim to have increased sensitivity and therefore greater range, but I have not tried them. AS long as your adapter utility shows the signal strength as better than "low" then you should be OK.

  keith-236785 12:03 31 Jan 2006

you should connect your cable modem to your router then take the wired connection to the nearest computer (you will need a wired connection for the initial setup of the router i think). if you try to do it the other way round, you would have to have the main pc on all the time to carry the connection to the router, im not even sure if it would work then. you would also have to use ICS (internet connection sharing) which is a pain.

i have not got or setup a wireless connection so i will leave it for people who know better, but first of all, cable modem TO router, then TO main pc. use the setup cd to setup the router, and thats where i step down to let others advise.

good luck

  Forum Editor 12:18 31 Jan 2006

rather than the Helproom, so I'll move it across now.

  Forum Editor 12:22 31 Jan 2006

is to connect your modem to the router. Then, if a computer is nearby you could connect that to the router via an ethernet cable, in which case you can use the computer's existing LAN card.

The other machines will need wireless network adapters if they are not to be connected to the router via cables. Cable connections will run faster than wireless adapters.

  moggers 12:26 31 Jan 2006

Forum Editor sorry didnt even know there was this forum!!! I usually just head straight to the helproom

  yamkin 15:49 31 Jan 2006

Hi, I have a Wi-Fi & Desktop File/Folder/Printer Sharing Issue.
I have a Zoom X4 ADSL Router with combined modem where the USB port is connected to the desktop pc.
The ethernet port is connected to the wi-fi Belkin F5D7130UK Wireless access point.
I have a laptop which works perfectly with the wi-fi setup, but I am at a loss in File/Folder/Printer Sharing.

I have ping'd both desktop pc and laptop and they seem to be fine.
The WorkGroup name are both the same.
I have right clicked a file on my desktop and choose Sharing and Security.
I select the Sharing Tab.
I check the box titled Share This Folder On The Network.
When I open the Network Neighbourhood folder, the shared file is not there.

Can I actually do file sharing with the desktop pc connected to the router/modem via a USB lead?
My lap top is using wi-fi, so can I file share with a desktop with no wi-fi.

  moggers 16:00 31 Jan 2006

I think ill go for a wired set up as itll be more reliable for gaming is there a maximum distance for the ethernet cabling?

  jacqueline_1969 17:44 31 Jan 2006

The maximum length is about 100 metres or approx. 300 feet or the length of a football field if your like me and have a terrible mind for guestimating a length.

The cable will work best if it is a continuous line with connections in it.

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