Gollysmum 23:32 15 Feb 2007

We are running windows XP on a PC and a laptop and we also have windows ME on another PC. They are all connected to the internet via a Belkin wireless router and PCI cards. Recently we tried to set a WEP key but this messed up the internet connection on the PC running ME. Is it possible to encrypt all three computers to make them more secure. I'm afraid I'm not terriby computer literate and only know the basics which I've picked up by messing about, so no fancy jargon please! Many thanks for your help.

  Strawballs 00:27 16 Feb 2007
  Gollysmum 11:36 16 Feb 2007

Thanks Strawballs for the help but I still have problems. Tried to set a WEP key but the computer running on ME still will not work on the internet with an encrytion. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to set a WEP key for windows ME. It messed all the internet connections up for all the PCs so I have now disabled the security (which I'm not happy about).

I'm not really au fait with encrypting and followed instructions on my Belkin manual to set a hexadecimal key (128-bit I think).

Any step-by step instructions from anyone would be a great help. Many thanks.

  scotty 14:17 16 Feb 2007

If you set up the network using the wireless network wizard in XP, you should get the option to transfer the settings to other computers on the network. You will be asked to use a floppy or a USB stick to transfer the settings. To find the wizard goto Start, Control Panel and select Wireless Network Setup Wizard.

  Strawballs 22:25 16 Feb 2007

On the ME Machine you will have to use the software that came with the wireless adapter and that should let you chose the type of encryption then enter the key for it.

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