Wireless security query

  ex-wirecutter 13:11 31 Mar 2008

I have just helped a relative to set up a laptop and wireless internet connection , all ok , however as he does a lot of sensitive work he wants to be sure it is not being broadcast all over the area.
We have set up an SSID is this enough as in the wireless properties box it says " open " as opposed to " encrypted ".?
Step by step replies would be appreciated as we are novices .

  pchelper001 13:22 31 Mar 2008

the ssid is just the router name.

The security you should look for in the router is WEP or WPA.

WPA is stonger encryption.

  ex-wirecutter 15:51 31 Mar 2008

Thanks for your prompt reply , would you be kind enough to tell us how to set this up ?

  pchelper001 16:01 31 Mar 2008

please can i have your make and model of wireless router?

and what operating system the laptop is?

  ex-wirecutter 16:06 31 Mar 2008

I am not at my relative's address at the moment so not sure of the model of router , but the make is Belkin ( maybe v3000 )and he's running Vista .

  pchelper001 16:17 31 Mar 2008

in the router settings, there should be a section for security. In this there should be the options for wpa or wep, and you will need it to generate a code for the laptop to connect to it.

The code will be either generated or you can input a word that it can use as a passphrase.

  ex-wirecutter 16:24 31 Mar 2008

Sounds straightforward enough , will give it a try and if I muck it up I will re - post a request for help .

  pchelper001 16:26 31 Mar 2008

it shouldnt be that hard, im pretty much always here...so repost if help is required, and we can all help

  Kemistri 17:15 31 Mar 2008

There is a very good reason why WEP-only networking equipment failed to receive WiFi Alliance certification from 2003 onwards. So don't use WEP.

  ex-wirecutter 14:36 01 Apr 2008

Many thanks for the advice all , wont be seeing my relative till weekend , will give it a try , much appreciated.

  Strawballs 22:41 01 Apr 2008

you need to look in the book to see what address you need to put in the web browser to access the routers setup it will be something like (that is what I use for my Linksys) then look in the wireless section for wireless security.

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