wireless security, is a password enough?

  willyv 21:54 11 Sep 2008

hi all,
i have just set up a wireless router. is the single password sufficient to protect my pc/ laptop?
any ideas? dont know if im being paranoid! Also is it ok to turn off wireless network when i go on holiday- ie will it have to be set up again from scratch. cheers

  sean-278262 22:06 11 Sep 2008

You are fine to use WPA2 encryption as currently it is the better option to use for wireless signals.

As for turning off the wireless why not just turn off the modem/router and save yourself on the electricity bills while away. Just make sure you have a firewall installed on all the computers using the network, a virus scanner and antispyware apps installed.

  peter99co 22:08 11 Sep 2008

Turn on and off as you need it. It does not reset.
It is broadcasting a connection when on and you need to set up WPA security. If it is connecting to you when you need it you can hide the broadcasted view so others around you cannot see it, only you. Its a bit involved but there should be someone on the forum who can advise you better than me on how to do it.

  peter99co 22:10 11 Sep 2008

I am sure you also have a built in firewall within the router.

  PalaeoBill 22:10 11 Sep 2008

To answer your questions:
1. No.
2. Yes follow the instructions here
click here
3. It's good to be paranoid in this case.
4. No need to turn off wirless if it is secured, but if you want to it should be easy to do by logging into the router and the router should remember the settings for when you want to enable it again.

  Quiet Life 22:36 11 Sep 2008

Entering all MAC addresses in the router of PCs that you wish to use the router is added protection.
See click here for how to obtain the MAC addresses.
The router is in fact a hardware firewall with only one door to the internet which it monitors.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 11 Sep 2008

Beginners Guide
click here

XP securing network
click here

  peter99co 23:10 11 Sep 2008

As a matter of interest. If a router has WEP and I need to change to WPA is it a simple matter to change it?

  sinbads 04:28 12 Sep 2008

Provided your router supports WPA it is fairly straight forward eg click here

willyv, in addition to the advice given once you have your router setup correctly, its wise to make a backup of the routers configuration, you should find this feature when you open the router settings.

  peter99co 10:58 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for that. My question was because I have WEP set-up and think I would like to change to WPA and my problem is, what do I do to remove WEP. I intend to be cable connected during the swop but would hate to lose my WIFI...

  willyv 16:35 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for all help.
My wireless manager software seems quite basic compared to a lot of what i have read. I cant see where it possible to stop broadcasting network name, or to change encryption. also how would i go abot backing up router config?
by the way, its virgin router and software.
cheers again.

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