wireless security issues on C&W ADSLR10CW3

  melliescott 15:57 30 Aug 2009

lso the security set-up side of the router is like none I have seen before so ideally it would help if you were at all familiar with this router as I am on the verge of banging my head against a very solid object, I honestly do not know if I am doing something wrong or it is a compatibility issue. If there is anyone out there that knows which sections need to be changed then pls pls pls help me, I have matched the keys, passwords, and whatever else to the best of my knowledge, thanks in advance, Mellie

  melliescott 20:48 30 Aug 2009

erm sorry, I dont know what happened to my post above!! I'll try again...
Hi, I have a C&W ADSLR10CW3 which works fine on the pc connected via a cable, when I got a laptop which has vista premium on it I connected straight away, great.....or so I thought! I then realised it was still unsecured so I set up a WPA-shared key pn it and I have not been able to connect since (unless I disable the security). I have tried everything but vista (which I find really unhelpful in its support part) comes up with every excuse in the book to avoid connecting. If anyone has experience of these naffy routers or any ideas where I am going wrong in vista I would be most grateful, Thanks, mellie.

  Tech Guy 18:48 03 Sep 2009

Try this guide: click here

Make sure that "Start this connection automatically" is ticked

  melliescott 21:20 03 Sep 2009

HI, thanks for that but i have already set up a network at home (this was to do at my fellas house) without any probs with a d-link adsl router, my problems actually lie with the settings on the C&W configurations that I needed help with, due to lack of response from here and another advise forum I have reluctantly purchased the same router which I have at home (just didnt want to spend another £60)and it is working fine. I initially thought vista was the prob although I was already running it at home ok, DUR!! Anyway, I really appreciate you sending me that vista link which I will certainly keep for future ref, Regards, mellie
PS, anyone for heavens sake do not buy a C&W adsl modem router!

  Tech Guy 18:18 04 Sep 2009

I havn't been checking this site lately as just started a new job and they killing me.

"PS, anyone for heavens sake do not buy a C&W adsl modem router!"

Funny you say that as I have just started to work for Cable and Wireless FMC, lol.

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