wireless security

  mrwoowoo 16:57 10 May 2008

I have wirelessly connected my sons pc in his bedroom so that he can access the internet.
As he has to go through my pc to access the net,do my security programmes protect his pc.
He has a firewall,anti virus and anti spyware,but will my pc do that job for him.
Am i correct in assuming that my windows and router firewall will surfice,though he will need the other software?

  ^wave^ 17:06 10 May 2008

if i read this right you have a wireless router with 2 pcs connected to it if that so then you need to anti virus and a firewall on both pcs

  mrwoowoo 17:15 10 May 2008

Main pc has a wireless router hardwired to it,with the upstairs pc connected to the main pc wirelessly.

  FreeCell 18:14 10 May 2008


If you have a wireless router then your PC will not be protecting your son as his connection to the internet is direct wireless to the router and then out to the Wide Area Network internet.He should for safety keep his own antivirus and firewall.
If you have to have your PC on to allow him to connect, i.e you have set up a shared internet connection on your PC then firewall will be okay but son should still have antivirus/anti malware protection.

In either case you should enable security protection on the wireless link, using WPA or WPA2.

  mrwoowoo 18:24 10 May 2008

Thank you.
Thats what i was assuming.

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