Wireless security

  Rob Hughes 01:33 08 Apr 2008

I'm just about to set up my laptop to access the internet wirelessly. I have cable broadband and have Norton installed on my main PC. Will I need to install an antivirus program and firewall on the laptop as well?

  bobbybowls 02:22 08 Apr 2008

yes anitvirus click here
firewall click here
also use wpa not wep as it is more secure.

  Rob Hughes 10:38 08 Apr 2008

Sorry, what are 'wpa' and 'wep'? Would you say that the firewall you get with Windows (my laptop has Vista on it) is not enough to be secure?

  Aargh 11:29 08 Apr 2008

All you need to know is here:

click here

WPA & WEP are the the types of 'security codes' that stop just anyone using your wireless broadband connection. Assuming you have a wireless network at home, without this security anyone in range can use YOUR internet connection.

As to your other point, yes you will need antivirus and firewall on your laptop. Norton grinds everything to a halt. bobbybowls has recommended two of the most popular and effective free programs. The improve the security offerd by windows own firewall.

  Rob Hughes 11:53 08 Apr 2008

OK, thanks for that. Sorry to be a bit thick, but am I right in thinking that you should only have one firewall running, or can you have more than one - would I need to disable the Windows firewall before running a different one?

  Aargh 12:28 08 Apr 2008

Zonealarm will run over the top of windows firewall and protects you from 'malware' sending stuff out from your PC as well as blocking stuff coming in. Windows firewall is basic and only blocks inbound stuff.

  Rob Hughes 14:18 08 Apr 2008

Sorry, one last question...if the router itself comes with its own firewall, should I run that, the Windows one, and a more advanced one as well?

  bobbybowls 15:41 08 Apr 2008

i use zone alarm on my laptop as i connect to lots of different networks, but for the desktop it is just windows firewall and the routers hardware firewall.
look at this website for recommended software to protect your pc. click here

  MikeySchwarzn 17:12 08 Apr 2008

I'd definately recommend Zone Alarm for your firewall. I've been using their products since I first got online and have never had a problem except when connecting to a university network (which was obviously very well protected anyway).

You might want to install some anti-spyware software as well and check frequently - its a worthwhile precaution. I use AdAware, although the link in bobbybowls post suggests some others. useful stuff in that little link!

  Ashrich 18:34 08 Apr 2008

The Vista firewall is now a 2 way affair , if you lock it down ( don't allow anything ) then make rules to allow certain programs it would suffice .


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