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  swanny2 13:47 04 Nov 2007

I have a Belkin 54g ive got a ne modem from virgian media,im on Broadband and Xp.
Now when i go too the Blkin site, and click on security,excuse me here as ive never had 1 of these efor,i just want too make sure its all safe.
Iclick on security,under the heading wireless,and a page opens saying
wpa/wpa2 wp2a only Wep and a box with a tick in it sayind Disabled.
Now im not sure now if my router is safe and what should be ticked
Any help appreciated thanks
Swanny :O)

  FreeCell 15:45 04 Nov 2007

You are unprotected if the radio butto next to "Disabled" is selected.

You don't say what your wireless PC is using a built in card or USB dongle. of the security options WPA is stronger than WEP so recommend that assuming your PC supports it that you use this option.

Also recommend that you use a network cable connection between PC and router to make changes to security settings. If you use a wireless link and things go wrong it can be hard to re-stablish connection.

Select the WPA/WPA2 option and select Pre-Shared key as the authentication type. Now enter a key made up of at least eight letters, numbers, symbols. Make sure that you remember it. Click Apply Changes.

You will have to make sure you set your PC wireless connection to the same security WAP and enter the same key before you will be able to connect.

Belkin manual explains all See from Page 48
click here

  swanny2 16:42 04 Nov 2007

Idont think my pc has a wireless card,my sons Laptop is wireless tho,he has a flash drive he puts in the side.
Ihave a cable that goes into the router then into my pc a small wire,blue!! Then the broadband cable from my set top box goes into the modem then into the router.
The laptop will not always come on,now and the only way i can get my desktop on is the way above,
Iuse too be able too put the cable straight into my desktop and get on the net,nowif i do i get no connection,only via the router.I not too sure on all ths set up,but thanks for info.

  FreeCell 17:36 04 Nov 2007

Just remember to use your PC to change any wireless security settings, which will only affect your son's laptop. You are secure.

Re the connections just a thought as I am not a cable user. Does it give the same problems if you connect direct to the modem when you have turned everything off and then on again in order modem then PC.

  swanny2 20:18 04 Nov 2007

At the moment mate its running thru the set top box then modem,thats how the guyset it up .
the modem is just a little black box plugged into mains then the leads connected too the back of me set top box.

  swanny2 17:16 07 Nov 2007

Ive managed too set it all up today when vigin called ,all i had too do was use me old cable pfft.
But when igo too the belkin site too logg in, and look at Status it says Firewallenable etc but Security Disabled? whatdoes this mean please.sorry 4 the ignorance no nothing about Routers.
Is it safe thats all imworried about coz the wifes on the laptop ,2nd time lol ,she goin all over,dont wanna mess it up ..
cheers Swanny. :O)

  FreeCell 19:25 07 Nov 2007

From what you describe it sounds like the wireless security on the router is switched off.

If anyone is using wireless or you want to stop anyone from accessing your router then you should set up the security to the highest standard possible, based on what your router and laptops will support, WEP or WPA. WPA is the strongest and recommended if available. Otherwise go for WEP 128 (WEP64 only if nothing else is available)

  swanny2 19:55 07 Nov 2007

cheers but how do i set it up mate please. and where do igo too do it .. ty again .

  AI33 20:20 07 Nov 2007
  swanny2 21:47 07 Nov 2007

ive been too security in belkin and i have a choice..
wpa/wpa2 wpa2 only wep an the disabled box is checked.
now how do i find out what my router or laptop will support please.thats where im stuck .
swanny. :O)

  FreeCell 22:29 07 Nov 2007

The Belkin is your router so it supports WPA.

The laptop depends on how it is wireless, built in card or a USB dongle. Does it use Windows to set up the Wireless or a manufactures utility. Usually there an icon in the System Tray for wireless network connection set up)

You need to get into the wireless settings and security and check what options are available.

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