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  gudda96 09:46 30 May 2007

Hi Guys

I saw a program last night which pointed out the security risks of wireless network. I checked on the MS webpage and it seems that the best encryption is WPA2 so firstly, do you techies agree.

As my iSP is BT (UK) and I use a BT Home HUB (router) I rang them for advice but as it was India call centre, it was a losing battle.

The guy led me to the configuration page that gave a multiple choice of my present WEP and he gave me a new key to type in but it would not accept it.

The conclusion was that I dont know if it was the ineffeciency of him and I or my Home Hub will not configure to the WPA2.

Any comments will be welcome.

  Technotiger 10:19 30 May 2007

Hi, do you have a Wireless Network? i.e. more than one PC through your router. If not then it does not apply to your setup.

  Tinkey Winkey 10:25 30 May 2007

Yeah I saw it too - people cruising residential areas in cars with laptops looking for unsecure wireless networks to monitor your internet activity and obtain bank details,passwords etc.

The pc man said that WEP is old technology now.
You had just aswell go around broadcasting your WEP key! - you must get a router that uses WPA password protection instead. Although he didn't explain this any further?

I also read this morning that you should change the default password of your router as all the brands have the same default password.

I have a wanadoo(now orange) wireless router which has WEP but I don't know if I can change it to WPA?
Orange customer support is appauling and I can find no technical info on the router anywhere?
I guess it probably only has 10/100 wired ports aswell rather than 1GB which presumably means that the GB port on my motherboard isn't running at full speed.If anyone knows about these specs could you let me know please.

Can anyone recommend me the best/fastest Wireless Router with at least three 1GB LAN ports that supports WPA? I use my desktop PC for online gaming wired via the motherboards GB port and use the wireless for the laptop around the house.

  birdface 10:58 30 May 2007

I watched the program as well,I am glad that I do not have a wireless connection,But at least I shall know how to use it properly if I ever get it connected,The biggest surprise was how unsafe it was Using internet Cafe's .That may put a few folk off ever using them again,

  davidprc 12:45 30 May 2007

Most wireless routers, probably ALL new ones, are able to be set to WPA - even those branded Orange etc as they will be manufactured by a company like Netgear.

Just log onto your router and look at the set up pages. Remeber you cannot - usually make changes to this type of security online, you have to connect to your router using the supplied cable.

This may help click here

  postie24 15:24 30 May 2007

A useful link
click here

  gudda96 15:51 30 May 2007

Hi Guys

Thanks for replies and links but I am no further on yet.

I cannot find out if my HH can be configured to WPA2 and I will not speak to india as I relly cannot get anywhere, no offence to anyone.

From your links, it sounds as though any new hub bought will have wpa configured but not sure about mine.

I never take my laptop to another place but theoretically, it can be done from outside my house I suppose.

  gudda96 15:53 30 May 2007


Hi john, I only have 1 laptop, nothing else but I dont see what you mean, if someone can tap into mine, surely it does apply to me??

  Technotiger 18:57 30 May 2007

Hi George,

if your laptop is connected via a cable to your BT hub, i.e. NOT wirelessly, then you cannot be attacked Wirelessly. The risks you talked about in your original post, referred to a Wireless Network.

If you had a PC at home and you connected your laptop to it wirelessly, then Yes, your laptop could be at risk.

  postie24 19:00 30 May 2007

The HH can use the following encryption (WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA)
The HH comes with 64bit WEP encryption as default you need to change it to WPA.
Go to the router homepage and set it up.
Choose a password from this link
click here
Once entered,close down the homepage,right click wireless icon in system tray,choose your network and re-enter the same password.


  Technotiger 19:02 30 May 2007

More info re WPA2 ...

click here

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