wireless security

  moh23 21:03 13 Jun 2006

whats the difference between the different security settings on routers and which is the best to use,also what can happen if you use an unsecured network

  Devil Fish 21:52 13 Jun 2006

Wpa is better than wep

leaving your network unsecured allows unauthorised access to your network that is to say i could sit outside your house with a wireless enabled laptop and use your internet connection also with a bit of know how access your computer

the above also goes if you have neighbours with wireless setups they would be able to access yours if it is unsecured

Wpa encryption is stronger than wep if you have it available use it

  ade.h 22:02 13 Jun 2006

Put yourself in the position of a wardriver who is faced with an increase in the number of secured networks in his locale and a corresponding decrease in the number of soft targets. If, on his travels, he picks up five WPA or WPA2 networks, one WEP network and no open networks, is he concerned? No.

He will already have Googled for WEP cracking and found all the knowledge and software that he will need to enter a WEP network in just a few minutes. Very few WPA systems have any exploits or vulnerabilities and it is extremely hard to break, so he won't go near them when an easy target is still available.

Don't have the weakest network in your neighbourhood.

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  wky 12:26 17 Jun 2006

ade.h wep enabled networks are also hard to break and a few minutes is impossible. on a home network it probably takes a few weeks to a few months, if you can at all.

  ade.h 13:34 17 Jun 2006

WEP is quite simple to crack with software and knowledge. I have seen it demonstrated at a conference.

  first500 09:14 21 Jun 2006

What about limiting access via trusted MAC codes? Doesn't that mean that no-one can get onto the network in the first place unless the router has beeen set up to allow them? AM I naive in thinking that is the best security of the lot?

  brundle 10:24 21 Jun 2006

mac addresses can be spoofed very easily

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