Wireless runs very slowly - how to speed up?

  earthlover 16:56 25 Nov 2009

Hi there,

Our houshold has an old Advent 3207 pc and 2 laptops running via a Netgear DG834Gv3 router( updated to V6 on netgear website). We have BT broadband. I have a BT home hub 2.0 which has N, but have not connected it as I heard they are not great anyway and my old computer would not benefit from it as it probably doesn't have an n card in it.

The od pc is slow anyway but when we are all on the internet at the same time it almost grinds to a halt.

I read that wireless connection decreases your speed by about half because of the way it works compared with ethernet connection.

I would really like to know the following:

1) Is there any way I can connect the pc by ethernet and have the laptops wireless or is this impossible? Bear in mind that I am not very techie although I did manage to set up our present connection with help from Ambra on the forum.

2) If that is not possible would the BT Home Hub be better than the Netgear router even though my pc has no n card? Or should I invest in a much better router to really boost the speed, or is this a waste of money with an old pc?

Thanks very much for advice!

  earthlover 17:17 25 Nov 2009

Sorry to confuse you all. My pc is connected to the router by an ethernet cable! I did say I am not techie!

I would still like to know if there is any way I can speed up though.

Thanks again

  ambra4 04:04 26 Nov 2009

“My pc is connected to the router by an Ethernet cable! I did say I am not techie!
I would still like to know if there is any way I could speed up though”

Firstly you need to check the broadband line speed is what you are paying for by running

a few broadband tests for a few days at difference times

Speakeasy speed check site in the USA from difference cities

click here

BroadbandMax Speed Test

click here

Broadband Speed Checker

click here

You can check how long it takes to load websites you use

click here#

Once the broadband speed is not correct talk to your ISP

If the speed is corrects you can try the following and see if it help

Advanced Windows Care Personal Edition

click here

CyberTweak 1.3 Final

click here

  earthlover 13:31 26 Nov 2009

Hi Ambra4

Thanks for your response! I did check with a speed test a few months ago and it seemed good then. The problems are particularly bad when my son begins streaming on his laptop, it seems to use up all available speed so my old pc is left in limbo. Also sometimes we can't use bbc i-player because its just too much for our internet connection. I guess there are certain times of day that are worse, such as evening.

i will check your suggestions out and see if it makes a difference.

If not, is a better router worthwhile or would I be wasting money? I think my son's laptop only has b/g even though it is only 18 months old, Samsung R700.

Thanks again.

  ambra4 17:51 26 Nov 2009

“If not, is a better router worthwhile or would I be wasting money”

The problem not the router but the speed and bandwidth of your broadband line

If your using a 4GB line look at going to a 8GB line

What is Bandwidth and How Does it Affect Broadband Connections?

click here

  earthlover 17:59 26 Nov 2009


OK i will do tests and see what results i get.

Thanks for your help.

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