Wireless Routing for a block of flats

  BIGBAGGY 16:26 09 Jan 2008

Hi we are trying to connect 6 flats in a block 3 storeys high. Distance from router in bottom to furthest point probably about 45ft max.
Can anyone reccomend the best way to do this and the best equipment/router needed.

Its ADSL. on AOL I think.


  BIGBAGGY 16:28 09 Jan 2008

Forgot to say probably a max of 8 to 10 connections from Laptops/PCs

  ambra4 16:55 09 Jan 2008

Take a read at this posting

click here

  BIGBAGGY 17:43 09 Jan 2008

Hi thanks for the link. His situation is a bit different I think. He has 2 connections.
Will a stronger router work or is there such a thing as a booster that can be placed at another location to send the signal on.

  ambra4 18:58 09 Jan 2008

I don’t thing you quite understand the principal of wireless networking and the use of the Hawking Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender with a Hi Gain Antenna

It don’t matter how many connection you have all you need is 1 Broadband Circuit Cable or ASDL and the proper equipment

Take a read on this posting

click here

Equipment Required

1- Broadband circuit Cable /ASDL Phone line

1- ASDL Modem / Wireless Router with a removal Antenna

3- Hi Gain Antenna, which will replace the antenna on the router and the Wireless-G Range Extender

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2- Hawking Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender Min

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If the building have three floors you need to install the broadband router with the hi gain antenna central on one of the floors

The extenders do not have to get the signal from the router

The extender will pick up the signal from the router or the extender and increases the range and signal strength in that area,

So that it would work like a mobile cell system, the signal would overlap each other once the same SSID name is used

As you move around the building the signal strength would change as it find the extender with the higher signal strength?

Download the Hawking Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender Data Sheet and you will see what I am talking about.

If fact you could cover the whole street if you wanted to by just adding Wireless-G Range Extender

You then set up the Wireless-G Range Extender with a hi gain antenna replacing the stand antenna, at the point on each floor with the best signal that will give you coverage in flats on that floor

You will just have to play it by ear on how many Wireless-G Range Extender you will require to cover the 6 flats you might need 3 or just 1 on each floor

Read this posting

click here

  BIGBAGGY 21:18 09 Jan 2008

Thank you for that. You are quite right, Im a bit thick ;-)

The BIG question. Is it easy to do for a thick novice ? Am I likey to come across any setup problems?

  ambra4 21:56 09 Jan 2008

Go to this site and download all the Guides, User Manual, Tutorials, and the Set up Diagram

click here

Take a read and make sure you understand before to buy the equipment and start the install

You will have to set up each extender via a laptop; you will only see 1 network, which is the SSID that you set up in the router in each extender,

There is an In SSID and an Out SSID so that both names would be the SSID Name that you have in the router

Take a read of the manual on how to set up the extender

Chapter 2, 3, 4, this would give you a good idea on how it works

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