Wireless routers - technical novice!

  serendipity7000 13:27 19 Jul 2008

Hi - I live in a large house with thick stone walls, which I share with two other people. One of my housemates has broadband and has put in a router (attached to his computer by a cable) to provide wi fi for the house. However the signal is only strong enough in the immediate vicinity of his room. Can I get another router (cable free) that works by remote control with the original one and put it elsewhere in the house to extend signal strength? If so, which one? Or do I need to just get a completely new router (cable free) to put centrally in the house? And if so, which one?!! Many thanks in anticipation.

  Pineman100 19:04 19 Jul 2008

Posting the same question on two different forums is frowned upon, I'm afraid, and could get you in trouble with Sir.

You've got several answers on the Helproom - I suggest you tick "Resolved" on this one and concentrate on the Helproom thread.

  L8-tian 00:22 20 Jul 2008

Instead buying a new router, I would suggest you to buy a 2 Access points.The access points are mainly used to extend the wireless signal.
one access point, you can connect to the original router and another access point will be wireless. Also you need to configure this 2 access points in repeating mode.

Check out this link ,
click here

Thanks :-)

  serendipity7000 12:32 25 Jul 2008

Muchos apologies - I did say I was a technical novice!!!!! I couldn't work out where my post went the first time and thought I'd done something wrong so did it again. Anyway thanks for all the help - have closed both down and put a new one for a advice on retailers. Anyway I thought that's what 'networking' was all about - spreading things around to get the greatest response! (hee hee - only kidding).

  serendipity7000 12:33 25 Jul 2008

Actually - have closed the other one down, but close this one down a bit later - because - I'd really like to know who 'Sir' is! Am very grateful for all the help and advice I've received by the way.

  serendipity7000 12:43 25 Jul 2008

Thanks very much L8-tian - reckon that cd be a good alternative if can't get a wireless extender to work.

  Pineman100 18:52 25 Jul 2008

"Sir" is my personal mark of respect for the Forum Editor: an "eminence grise" who sits on high and looks down upon us lesser mortals with a stern and watchful eye, to make sure we obey the rules.


  tullie 08:11 26 Jul 2008

Calling FE sir,will get you no where.

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