wireless routers

  kkkoolkev 12:17 04 Nov 2004

i am looking to buy a wirless router so i can connect another pc to the internet using our current broadband connection. Am i right in thinking that i will have to buy a pc card for the other computer and have the router connected to the pc with the internet connection. Also what sort of speed connection will i have on both pc's can anyone help as i dont understand all the techincal jargon. What sort of things should i look for thanks in advance for you help

  Chris..b 13:01 04 Nov 2004

I have had 2 actiontec routers with no problems. there 54Mbps Wireless Access Point is very good.

Wireless networks have 2 standards at the moment 802.11g or 802.11b i would go for the G standard as it is newer and can be made more secure.

click here

Above is a link to the router that i have, and found it very easy to set up.

You are right in saying that you will need a pc card for the other computer (known as a PCMCIA Card).

Dabs also do a card for this standard click here

and if you look this is also G standard.

G is also backwards compatible.

Its hard to explain but G standard devices can connect to B standard devices, but B standard cannot connect to G standard, as the G standard is newer and faster at 54mbs.

Hope this helps

  Chris..b 13:04 04 Nov 2004

you can get usb cards for computers that have no PCMCIA slot.

Have a look round on the dabs website.

Plus some more info one wireless networks can be found on click here

  kkkoolkev 13:16 04 Nov 2004

is a PCMCIA slot the same as a pci slot or is it different

  Chris..b 13:29 04 Nov 2004

A pci slot is inside a computer on the mother board...if you are willing to open the computer you can fit one easy.

PCMCIA is used mainly in laptops and just push in to a slot on the side

dabs do some but not made by actiontec.

You can use differnt brands...just as long as if you use a g standard router you will need a g standard card

  pl2112 13:35 04 Nov 2004

I have a Linksys WAG 54g router with a built in broadband modem. This is connected to the main PC with a network cable (supplied with the WAG 54g) and a Linksys PCI wireless card in the second PC. The advantage of this set up is only the router has to be switched on to access the internet from the second PC.

  SEASHANTY 16:25 04 Nov 2004

Lots of good ino on the Linksys education website
click here and if you are using cable BB then also see this website for sharing PC's on Broadband
click here
and another info website click here

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