kimosabi 19:16 22 Jan 2005

Hi Guys
Still as baffled as ever bought myself a Sweex 80.11g wireless DSL router, followed all the connection instuctions stared the computer up but no signal where have I gone wrong.connection eg. Ethernet cable from wireless router Wan socket then to ntl modem. Ethernet cable from Lan on wireless router to pc ethernet socket.According to my instructions thats it. Any Idea's I will answer any questions

  alan227 20:08 22 Jan 2005

Does your router have a power supply?.

  JonnyTub 20:13 22 Jan 2005

disable windows firewall if running xp sp2 on the network adaptors and use whatever firewall you have. (xp's is enabled by default when setting wired or wireless up)

  kimosabi 20:31 22 Jan 2005

hi guys
yes I do have a power supply and I have turned off the firewalls popup stoppers antivirus ect kimo

  jerichobob 20:58 22 Jan 2005

If the manufacturer has a help line, and it isn't a premium rate one, now is the time to call. Let us know how you get on with them.

By the way, who did you buy this from - do they have a customer service facility?

Everything sounds as it should be. Have you installed the drivers? Check all hard wire connections too as these can sometimes cause problems. Did you use the Windows install wizard? This can sometimes help - believe it or not - though I agree with jonnytub to disable the XP firewall.


  whybe 21:37 22 Jan 2005

I had a similar problem on an ASUS motherboard when connecting up to a router. In my case I had to enable Ethernet connections firstly via the bios for the MB, the default was disable, and then install the Network Interface Connection NIC software from the motherboards software CD. HTH.

  FelixTCat 23:39 22 Jan 2005

Do you have ntl cable internet? There may be a conflict between the ntl cable modem and the ADSL wireless router as to which is the DHCP server (i.e. which issues the IP addresses to the network). You may have to disable DHCP on the wireless router and give it a fixed address. Then get the ntl cable modem to assign IP addresses other than that fixed address, but in the same range (eg fix the router to and the address range to - If that doesn't work, disable DHCP on the ntl modem and enable it on the wireless router.

See if you have to disable the ADSL modem part of the router?

  HXP 00:21 23 Jan 2005

Make sure Broadcast SSID is turned on - it was disabled on my router & my wireless PDA couldn't see the network ...

Also check to make sure ip address or dhcp address are in the right range if you are using static ip's on your PC


  kimosabi 22:32 23 Jan 2005

Thanks guys for all your responses,all my firewalls are off I have e-mailed the makes for help awaiting a reply.What happens is the the wireless router changes my IP addresses my desktop pc shows the gateway there and connected but not enables like my lan connection but to get back on the internet I have to put the ethernet cables back in the cable modem switch it off for a few seconds the switch it back on and my IP addresses are back ok ntl said they must start with eg: 62 or 80 ect ect but with the wireless router in they change to I hope what I am saying makes sense
to you. Iam a bit lost what felixcat is saying and HXP But thanks again for all your help I WILL GET RIGHT AT SOME TIME REGARDS KIMO

  kimosabi 19:45 28 Jan 2005

Ok guys all systems go the reason that I could not be connected was that my internal mini wireless card was turned off I had to press the fn key and the f2 key at the same time did that and everything is fine over a week trying to solve this prob thanks to all for your help( ho one thing more the connection say's unsecured wireless connection the network is configured for open access information sent over this network may be visable to others} is this ok.
thanks again

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