Is a wireless router slower then the initail box?

  milkit 13:59 28 Dec 2007

I have gotten a second computer, and have bought a wireless router. I play online games where connection speed matters. Will my second computer that is using wireless be slower then the initial computer, if that makes sense? thanks

  milkit 14:01 28 Dec 2007

I forgot to add that I have cable box, I have heard that splitting cable slows you down because it uses the same bandwidth? will this be noticable in a game where connection matters?

  Kemistri 15:13 28 Dec 2007

No. Take the typical sustained data rate over a wireless LAN and compare it to any real-world ADSL speed and you will see just how much headroom you have. Quite a lot, even with encryption processing taken into account.

  Kemistri 15:15 28 Dec 2007

That's no to the first question; your second question depends upon contention in the LAN and if no-one else is using the internet, you will have no contention at your end.

  milkit 23:46 28 Dec 2007

I got my wirele3ss network card hooked up and im on the internet, but it says im only at 66%, any idea why?

  Dipso 10:15 29 Dec 2007

I mainly use wireless but when I hook up a cable I do notice the wired connection is nippier than the wireless, it doesn't matter for what I do but could affect gaming, see how you go.

To try and get a better signal you could try changing the wireless channel on the router but depending on the location, distance, obstacles and other factors you may never achieve a 100% signal.

  Strawballs 20:13 29 Dec 2007

If your gameing is across your network then it will be slower wireless 54meg wired 100meg but if across internet then the max connection that you can have at the moment is 20meg so the wireless 54meg is ample.

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