Wireless router set up.

  PC_Qs 10:21 06 Oct 2007

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a wireless router to set up wireless connection to connect it with my PC and two wireless compatible laptops. I have virgin cable broadband and i have read somewhere that some wireless router do not work with cable broadbands. It states it works only on ADSL line i.e. through telephone broadband line.

Can someone please tell me which kind of wireless router is compatible with cable braodband (e.g. ntl (virgin) connection). I was looking at Netgear wireless router.

  martjc 10:38 06 Oct 2007

...Are you now using just Virgin's Cable modem? If so, which one?

Best routers for use on cable are: Linksys. Belkin. D-Link. But make sure what you get is DSL - NOT ADSL.

  HCOOH 10:45 06 Oct 2007

My son has Virgin cable and connects via a cable modem as per martjc's post. Bought a router in Argos I believe.

  PC_Qs 10:47 06 Oct 2007

Thats right i am using just virgin cable modem (Motorola SB5100 model) at the moment. I am thinking of getting a router with 802.11g 108Mbps as i was recommended the 802.11g, because it offers excellent performance and is compatible with almost everything.

I think Martjc you have answered my question and much appreciated bud. I will leave this subject open for a little abit longer if people want to comment on this.

Thank you.

  martjc 10:55 06 Oct 2007

...Motorola SB5100 is an excellent modem to route up to. May I suggest the D-Link option? And don't forget the wireless adapters for your machines. Wireless compatible does no mean it's set up for wireless use, just that it will work wirelessly with the right components!

Good luck!!

  HCOOH 10:57 06 Oct 2007

Just one example
click here

  PC_Qs 11:07 06 Oct 2007

My PC states i have got a wireless network card. In my network connection i have got a device named "wireless PCI 802.11b/g adapter WN4201B". Manufacturer is ACCTON. Location PCI slot 3. Am i ready to go with wireless or do i still need to purchase a wireless device such as a wireless USB stick as mention sometime on the internet?.

Any more recommendation on which router as i have looked on ebay and there are alot of great one. Is it better to send money on 108Mbps routers or a 54mbps okay? My broadband speed is currently 2MB.

  PC_Qs 11:10 06 Oct 2007

HCOOH abit pricey eh? (£49.99) for a 54Mbps

  HCOOH 12:01 06 Oct 2007

Includes an adapter that you will not need should be cheaper on it's own

  Strawballs 12:19 06 Oct 2007

click here Any one of these will do, I have the Linksys wrt54g and have been using it for about 3yrs now without problems (NTL now Virgin)

  User-312386 12:22 06 Oct 2007

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