Wireless Router "Safety"

  NotSureBoutThis 20:03 10 Oct 2006


Firstly, I apologise if this sounds a silly question.

I have a Wireless Router Broadband, and I paid to have this installed professionally.

I also have McAfee security suite 8 installed.

I have heard that as I have a wireless router, I have to be very careful regarding the security of my computer!! Which has scared me a little.

The person who installed my wireless router said he had made my computer “Extremely Safe”

When I have finished on my computer, I always turn it off, and unplug it from the wall.

Whilst I accept nothing in life is 100% safe, and not being computer literate, how can I be sure that the wireless router has been installed as the guy stated, i.e. “Extremely Safe”

  STREETWORK 21:22 10 Oct 2006

Looks like the guy enabled the modem firewall. This is reasonably safe as it will prevent unauthorised access to your network. What is the model of modem? check the website of the manufacturers and see if it has a built in firewall...

  NotSureBoutThis 21:24 10 Oct 2006

It's a Belkin, if I have pronounced it correctly.

  ed-0 21:45 10 Oct 2006

You probably have the firewall and encryption set on the router.

You should have these levels of protection

The belkin firewall should be active. ( This stops computers trying to probe your ports. )

the router should be given a special name with a password. ( this stops anyone nearby breaking into the router settings and altering them. there is a set number that gets into all belkin routers.)

(The WiFi signal is sent out in a large radius. So any WiFi enabled device should pick up the signal.) So the engineer should have enable encryption on the router. ( this means the either the WiFi signal can not be seen, so no connection or. You can see the Wifi signal,from outside, but it is secure.You need a special code to get into the network. This stops people living nearby from stealing some of your internet.)

If you want to check your settings, we can show you how to enter the router settings and check. This of course depends on the engineer telling you the name and password if it has been set.

  NotSureBoutThis 01:39 11 Oct 2006

Thanks everyone for your replies.


No offence to you, but your reply has gone over my head.

May I please request step by step instructions on checking my security level, I recall inserting a name & password, although the engineer witnessed the details I input.


  Strawballs 16:22 11 Oct 2006
  ed-0 18:02 11 Oct 2006

just remember this you can not change any settings in the configuration UNLESS you click the apply changes button.

So look and just close the window as an internet page i.e. the red cross. This will not hurt anything.

Thats the warning

so lets look.

Type in to the IE address bar like this click here. You will get the logon page like that. Insert your password and pick submit.

Your next page will be this click here Look under WLAN settings.

The features you need to note are




Note down these and close the window via the red cross.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:00 12 Oct 2006

Hello ed-0

I followed your instructions, but unfortunately, I do not get the page for the login.

I get the Belkin site, when I click onto the site, I receive the following information:

Knowledge Base Article ID: 2824

How To: Configure a static IP address

Information in this article applies to the following products:

4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router (F5D5230-4)
Cable/DSL Gateway Router (F5D5231-4)
Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router (11Mbps) (F5D6230-3)
802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router (F5D6231-4)
802.11g Wireless DSL/Cable Gateway Router (F5D7230-4)
802.11b Wireless Network Access Point (F5D6130)
802.11g Wireless Network Access Point (F5D7130)

Am I doing something wrong?

I use IE, however, the engineer has set my home page as Google.

When I do find the detail, i.e Security – nat – firewall, is it safe for me to post the information here?

Thanks for your assistance so far


  Aspman 14:24 12 Oct 2006

Here is something I wrote for users at work and posted online.

click here

  ed-0 17:14 12 Oct 2006

Which model router do you have?

Did you type http:// and then and hit enter. Join them up or it will just give you a click here. Or right click the click here and pick open in a new page.

If that is no go, try disabling your firewall and trying.

  NotSureBoutThis 20:35 12 Oct 2006


Thanks for that link, however, not being computer literate, it has gone over my head. (No Offence to you)


It’s a Belkin.

I did type: http:// and then and hit enter, and received the site as described above, I then took out http//, and still received the same details.

As for the link in your last post, this is the message:

page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

I also right clicked and opened in a new page, I also got the same:

page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

Apologies if I am taking up too much of your time with my enquiry.

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