Wireless router, is this right ?

  Shutt1e 15:14 23 Jul 2006

i have been looking on the pc world website and found these wirelesss routers for cabel costumers or some thing and they plug in via usb does this mean i dnt need a wired router

  Forum Editor 15:20 23 Jul 2006

provided your computers have wireless network adapters installed.

Obviously you can't use a router that's made for cable if you have an ADSL service via a telephone line. If you have a telephone line ADSL service you'll need to buy a router that has an ADSL modem built in - there are many such models on the market.

Then you can use your computers anywhere in the house via the wireless router.

  Shutt1e 15:28 23 Jul 2006

ok thx i am with wanadoo and i brought a d-link wireless router and couldnt fit it is this because i needed arouter as at the mo i have a usb modem. and i dont have wireless netowrk adapters, i wont to conect my lapotp to my computer. via wireless and use the pc as the host

  irishrapter 15:28 23 Jul 2006

If your cable modem is an ethernet base modem then all you need to go wireless is a wireless access point and a wireless PCI, USB or PCMCIA card for your computer.

Or like as the post above states just get a router with a bulit in cable modem.

  irishrapter 15:32 23 Jul 2006

So you are not with a cable company but using ADSL with wanadoo??

The best way to go wireless is just to get rid of the ADSL usb Modem and get a wireless ADSL router with bulit in modem.

You can get a wireless access point and connect it to your main computer and use internet connection sharing but that means that the main computer has to stay on if the laptop wants to connect to the internet.

  Shutt1e 15:41 23 Jul 2006

ok so get rid of the usb modem and buy a wireless router with built in adsl modem ok. do u no any companys with easy instructions as i am not very good at wireless networking

  ade.h 15:47 23 Jul 2006

"...and use the PC as the host"

You can't use a desktop or laptop PC as a host unless it is in a peer to peer network. In a routed network, the router is the host and the PCs are clients.

  Shutt1e 16:38 23 Jul 2006

wtf i dont get any of this so then what do i do with the router plug it into the computer and then my lapotp pick up the signal from the router

  ade.h 16:52 23 Jul 2006

In a mixed routed network, you can have Ethernet clients (up to four connected directly, or more if you daisy chain it with a hub/switch) and wireless clients (up to 253 in theory, bandwidth notwithstanding of course). All client to client LAN is intercepted and directed by the router.

  Forum Editor 20:29 23 Jul 2006

1. You need a wireless router with built-in ADSL modem. PC World stock an excellent model by Belkin - the F5D7632UK4 wireless modem/router.

2. Plug the router into your phone line, using the cable supplied. Plug the supplied transformer into a power supply. Connect the router to your PC's Ethernet LAN port using the cable supplied.

3. Follow the simple instructions supplied to set up the router, and watch as it connects to your ISP.

Now you can use the internet on any computer within range, provided it has a wireless network adapter installed. You can leave the router and PC connected by the ethernet cable if you like, although it's not necessary to do that if your PC has a wireless adapter.

You don't need to have one machine turned on in order to use the internet on the other one - provided the router is turned on you can use either machine independently. I don't advise leaving the router turned on permanently - switch it off at night, or when you aren't at home. It will automatically establish a connection with your broadband service each time you switch it on.

  ade.h 21:07 23 Jul 2006

2. Should be a surge protector with modem socket. £5 investment saves £50 of damage should the phone line suffer a surge during a storm.

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