wireless router to replace speedtouch usb modem???

  primemeat64 20:23 07 Aug 2007


I'm not a total PC noob - did computer science A-Level etc.
Computing is a big enough topic to have lots of gaps in personal knowledge so... here goes!

My girlfriend has an old imac - connected to virgin BB via a crappy little speedtouch usb modem. As I regularly stay with her, I'd like to have wireless BB in her house for my Macbook Pro (she's also considering getting a laptop so this isn't just for my benefit!).

My question is - what's compatible? - there's no ethernet OUT on the speed touch so I presume i need a wireless MODEM/router. One problem I can think of is that all of the phone sockets have filters on them to split between phone / PC the PC (BB) output is the weird little mini-RJ45 looking socket which is where I am really on uncertain ground...

help please!

feel free to ask any questions and i'll respond accordingly...



  Dipso 21:53 07 Aug 2007

Bin the Speedtouch, it's no good for networking. Go for something like the Netgear DG834G a combined wireless modem router which you can get for around £50 now.

The router conects to the phone line via a RJ11 cable which is the "weird little mini-RJ45 looking socket".

  Strawballs 22:09 07 Aug 2007

click here any one of these will do.
click here

  Kate B 10:48 08 Aug 2007

Has the old iMac got an airport card in it? I think it will take one but you'd have to source it on eBay or similar as I don't think it will take the faster Airport Express - and it doesn't support the g standard of wireless, just b, I believe. Otherwise - assuming the iMac is running OS X - I think you could just stick a wireless USB dongle in it and that would do the job.

  primemeat64 20:18 08 Aug 2007

will the imac not take an rj45 from my new router (when i get it...) its got a socket which has the symbol <...> above it and also a similar socket with a picture of a phone.....? i'm planning to keep the modem/router next to the desktop anyway...

i feel really thick for not researching the name of an RJ11... well - i tried for about 3 mins and gave up - I suppose that would have answered the main question right there and then...

by the way, thanks so so much ladies and gents - I know it's not much to make a post on a forum but I am very grateful that you have - if it weren't for people like us, the wonder that online forums are would not exist!

  primemeat64 20:20 08 Aug 2007

oh and to let you know, i;m bidding on a netgear £20 second hand - i've read reviews and although a little old, i'm probably going to be chuffed - and who can complain at £20??

- any one know if airport cards are any good tho (for future refference)??? - its a crying shame they don't do modem/routers though but hey - nobodies perfect!

  Dipso 21:19 08 Aug 2007

Don't go over £20 as you can get a B-grade one here for that.

I don't know much about imacs but I'm sure the RJ45/ethernet socket will work fine.

  Dipso 21:20 08 Aug 2007

I would help if I posted the link lol!click here

  primemeat64 21:41 08 Aug 2007

sweet - thanks 4 the link! - i kinda hope this guy retracts my offer now - i'd rather get a b-stock than a 6 mo old...

  fedupwithtiscali 08:39 21 Aug 2007

I have a similar problem, that being my modem which has come from Tiscali only has a USB link and my router has RJ-45 connectors. Can I just double check, are you guys saying that you can use any modem, and don't need the one specifically sent by your ISP (in my case Tiscali)? Sorry for being a bit slow but I just want to check before I spend more money!

  Dipso 09:59 21 Aug 2007

Generally yes you can use any. Some ISP's lock the hardware to be used only with the service it was provided for but you should be fine using your own with Tiscali.

As I said earlier though, you may be better off, for ease of set up and cost, buying a combined modem/router.

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