Wireless router question

  Sirpad 14:14 28 Dec 2006

This may be a stupid question but if someone else (e.g. my neighbour) uses my broadband through my router are they able to in any way access my desktop? Also, is there a way to detect if they ARE using my router?

  FreeCell 14:21 28 Dec 2006

If you don't have a satisfactory firewall on your pc then in theory tes someone could access your computer via your router. You should always enable the wireless security option for WAP or WEP on the router to prevent anyone you don't know using the router.

DEpending on the router you can use the control software, usually accessed via a web interface, to view pc's connected to the router. Look for sometning like an associated list of access control list.

  terryf 17:01 28 Dec 2006

This is a site I found by google with the search words 'wireless router security' click here suggest you use the same words plus the maker or model of your router

  Strawballs 21:10 28 Dec 2006
  Sirpad 15:57 01 Jan 2007

Thanks guys....I found an Encryption Key that was provided by my broadband provider (who also provided the router).

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