Wireless router problem

  mrthewanderer 14:29 21 Jun 2007

I am a Tiscali customer and since installing a router I am unable to send E Mails via Tiscali.
The helpline people have been no use and do not seem to understand their own settings let alone IE7?
Can anyone offer any advice?

  ^wave^ 15:15 21 Jun 2007

whats make and model of the router and what error messages do you get when you send email

  mrthewanderer 15:21 21 Jun 2007

I am using a Cable and Wireless 802.11g wireless lan.
I get a message when I try to send mail saying that an error has occured.
I have swopped from IE7 to Firefox but still unable to send mail?

  mrthewanderer 15:26 21 Jun 2007

Testing ATM OAM segment ping ...

>> Testing ATM OAM end to end ping ...

  ^wave^ 15:45 21 Jun 2007

can you recieve email and surf if you can then i would suspect that your email is set up wrongbut if its always worked and the email has stopped working then it must be the router settings have you tried turning off all the security on it

  mrthewanderer 15:59 21 Jun 2007

Yes can receive no problem and surf ok.
I have disabled NIS2006 with no luck I think it must be a setting as well but just not sure which one I have the Tiscali settings and they are correct but just not sure where to go now?

  ^wave^ 16:02 21 Jun 2007

you may have to set the encapsulation it should be pppoa try that

  brundle 16:05 21 Jun 2007

Are you talking about Tiscali webmail or an email client on your PC?

  mrthewanderer 16:10 21 Jun 2007

Virtual Circuit Identifier - VCI
Virtual Path Finder- VPI
Encapsulation Mode
Authentication Type
PPPoA (RFC 2364:PPP over ATM)
Modulation Type
G.DMT or Auto

  mrthewanderer 16:11 21 Jun 2007

Yes I am using Tiscali webmail but did try Microsoft outlook and got the same result.

  mrthewanderer 16:14 21 Jun 2007

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

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