Wireless router, PPPoE and Apple AirPort Time Capsule

  Red Flag 17:59 23 Jan 2015

I’m after some help setting up an Apple AirPort Time Capsule as a router.

I have a nice shiny Apple AirPort Time Capsule (3TB, 5th Generation mid 2013). Until now I have only used it for time machine backups but have realised that it is basically an AirPort Extreme with a hard disk and supposedly a very good router. Following the death of my wife’s laptop we are pretty much an Apple household (macbook, iphones, ipad, mac mini, airport express, airport time capsule). I therefore think it makes sense to make use of the router part of the Time Capsule.

I’m English but live in Germany, so whilst my German isn’t that bad I’m struggling with the techy language on German computer forums when looking for specifics on my current router and hope someone can help me in my mother tongue. My internet service provider over here in Germany (T-Mobile) supplied me with a Speedport W723V wireless router. I think that is a router specifically branded for T-Mobile and made by Huawei so I suspect it isn’t common outside of Germany.

After much thought and googling I have concluded that I have to keep the existing router (Speedport) connected. The telephone line comes through it and I can see no obvious way of changing that. I think I basically need to get the Speedport to function solely as a modem and not a router. Looking at the settings of the Speedport I can find an option to use the device as a DSL Modem (PPPoE pass-through). Am I correct in believing that enabling that option will do what I want or am I missing something? I assume that I would enable that option, run a cable from the Speedport to the WAN port on the AirPort Time Capsule and then configure it was a router.

Can anyone help?

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