Wireless router novice!

  The Dazza 21:46 30 Oct 2006

A friend of mine has a Dell PC and has recently bought a wirless router.Having never even touched one before I don't know the next move.Basically my friend would like her PC in her bedroom as at present it is downstairs.I have installed the software through the wizard and that side looks ok.Do you still need a modem connected to the wireless router or is one installed already in there?? It is a Speedtouch 700 series and the ISP is virgin.net broadband.She says she didn't think it needed a telephone line modem now, is she correct? When I click on ie it is saying something about not connecting to isp.Please help!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:02 30 Oct 2006

You have to find the router homepage and log in using the details supplied from your ISP, then you can connect. What was the software you installed.

  ed-0 22:14 30 Oct 2006

" She says she didn't think it needed a telephone line modem now, is she correct?"

the speedtouch 700 series ADSL voice and data gateway. click here

Is this it, if it is, then it does include a built in modem. She is correct, but why buy this model?

  woodchip 22:19 30 Oct 2006

You also need to know if the Computer she uses in her bedroom is WiFi enabled Laptop or Desktop. If it's a Laptop, and does not have WiFi built in then she needs a USB Modem Dongle to connect to the Router Wirelessly

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:58 30 Oct 2006

I suspect it was a package from the ISP

  woodchip 23:08 30 Oct 2006

You are right she does not need a Modem it's a Modem Router

  The Dazza 22:04 31 Oct 2006

she is just moving her pc to upstairs. In other words she has 1 pc and she is moving that and she wants to use the router to communicate upstairs, the phone socket is downstairs.Does her desktop pc that she is using need to be wifi enabled & if so how do you do that??

  woodchip 22:47 31 Oct 2006

Yes if she want's to use it Wireless she needs a Wireless PCI DSL card. But the router first needs to be setup with the Ethernet wire that came with the Router. So she can connect and get the settings to transfer to the Wireless software when she goes wireless. Settings such as SSID user name and Password plus Encryption password that you have to create, to secure the wireless connection.

One of these click here

or click here this isUSB

  Strawballs 00:32 01 Nov 2006
  The Dazza 20:51 01 Nov 2006

very helpful indeed, I feel I know much more about routers now thanks to you lot. Cheers.

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