Wireless router installation problems please help!

  Onlyonebanana 21:42 21 Nov 2007

Please help!
I have a crappy Speedtouch 330 USB modem with Tiscali broadband.
I have just purchased a Belkin F5D9630uk4a wireless modem/router with an aim to link this with my xbox 360.
Now I have realised that the Belkin does not support a USB modem hence I cannot connect it to my the Belkin modem router.
Any help greatly appreciated...

  moore_mat 10:02 22 Nov 2007

Hi Onlyonebanana

The good news is you can get rid of the USB modem altogether! Your new Belkin box contains everything you need to get online.

Have a look at this to see if Belkin can take you through step-by-step:-

click here

Good luck!

[email protected]

  fairy footsteps 14:15 09 Jan 2008


i'm a dummy so will try to put in the whole story in the hope that someone can assist:

1. I have 2 older Acer laptops that connect to the internet via ethernet-cable & via wireless using a Voyager 2110 reuter. Both work on XP
My Service provider is BT Broadband

2. I bought a new laptop at Xmas (Toshiba A10 series) with Vista

3. The Toshiba connected fine by ethernet cable but would not connect via wireless. The service BT helpdesk team were very good and spent a long time working on the reuter and laptop settings, all to no avail.

4. I took the laptop back to the shop (PC World) who got the wireless to connect to their LAN thereby proving that it wasn't a faulty laptop. Trouble was that the shop had no provision for a DSL connection so couldn't prove that it was connected to the internet.

5. I found an old BT home hub reuter that still worked and connected both Acer machines to it. Both of theem worked but the Toshiba didn't. It would still connect on ethernet-cable but not via wireless.

6. Got help from BT broadband again who were quite familiar with Vista but still couldn't get the Toshiba to connect wirelessly.

7. In desparation, I decided to buy a new reuter and set all 3 machines (2 Acers, 1 Toshiba) from scratch. I bought a Balkin F5D9630uk4A and read the user handbook only to find it's good for XP but no mention of a Vista sut up.

Can anyone help?

  BurrWalnut 14:48 09 Jan 2008

Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Set up a Connection or Network (in the left pane) > Manually Connect > Next then key in the Network name (SSID), select Security type and type in the WEP/WPA key. You may also want to tick ‘Start this connection auto….‘ and ‘Connect even if the network……‘ > Next then click Connect to.

  fairy footsteps 15:18 09 Jan 2008

Tahnks BW. Do you mean do this with the new Belkin connected. If so, do I need to do I on all 3 lapstops individually. You may need to be patient.

  BurrWalnut 15:28 09 Jan 2008

It should work on the old Voyager.

You need to do it only once for every time you come across a new network, e.g. taking your laptop to a friend's house for the first time.

  tullie 16:39 09 Jan 2008

Youve jut hijacked someone elses thread

  fairy footsteps 16:47 09 Jan 2008

Sorry, didn't mean to

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