Wireless Router Installation

  U10 22:00 30 Dec 2007

I am about to install a Netgear wireless router. Should I uninstall the wired BT router software before proceding with this? I was going to leave the old router software installed in case anything went wrong with the new installation - but could this cause problems? Thanks for any advice.

  sinbads 22:17 30 Dec 2007

I would leave it installed in case you have any problems ; however you will need to disable the bt router before installing netgear which is fairly straight forward. Initial setup must be done via ethernet cable.

good luck

  U10 22:27 30 Dec 2007

Thanks for the advice - all the best.

  setecio 22:28 30 Dec 2007

I would remove it all first and then reinstall it from CDs if needed, but you shouldn't need it again.

  sinbads 23:03 30 Dec 2007

Netgear doesn't install any software,the only problem would be is that it may try to connect to the BT router if it was enabled.

  setecio 15:44 01 Jan 2008

sinbads, BT does instll alot of stuff and all the default settings can confuse some people if they don't know how to change browser and email connection settings. My advice is to uninstall all the BT software first so that no leftover software is causing issues.

You say PotAtoe .... I say potATEo ;)

  U10 21:00 01 Jan 2008

Setecio - I take it you mean the BT router software which I can do within add/remove programs. (It's only a small program - under 1 MB) What about BT software applications (58MB) - should this be removed? Thanks for any advice as I don't want to mess up the installation of the new router.

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