Wireless Router Firewall

  Arthur 15:40 17 May 2007

I have setup a wireless network to connect my main computer and my laptop and provide a local network. This is all working correctly and securely. I was looking further into my router information and noted that the firewall is turned off by default. Do I need to turn it on? if I do do I also have to enable IP Address Filtering?, enable Domain filtering and enable MAC Address Filtering and specify each in detail?


  skidzy 16:09 17 May 2007

Providing you have a software Firewall running and fully updated,your AV running (updated) and your wireless connection secure by an encrypted key such as WEP/WPA...you should be fine.

  Fingees 17:30 17 May 2007

One of the main advantages of a router firewall being active, is, it prevents your computer from being seen from the internet, from anywhere but the place you are connected to.

Most routers in fact leave them on by default, as they don't tend to upset the software versions.

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