Wireless router encryption help

  Miss Happy 10:17 21 Jul 2006

Phoned 3Com yesterday to ask for some help on the encryption settings for the officeconnect adsl wireless firewall router. After much searching for non-existant tabs, he asked me to contact my laptop maufacturer, ASUS to ask if I have WPA or WAP on it(?). He did not explain this very well except to say it has to match whatever is entered on router or the other way round. I think I have no firewall except for wired connection at moment. He did not seem to think this important - I do. I bought this model because it has WAP (though it seems to be called 'WPA-PSK' or something like on the set-up wizard.

Can anyone with same router and a pointer in the right direction where to find the security on laptop help, it's not in the manual?

  FelixTCat 10:27 21 Jul 2006

Miss Happy,

You are almost there. WPA-PSK is the better encryption system for wireless. Essentially, you type in key phrase (anything you like) which is used y the software to set the encryption. You type in the same key phrase on every wireless adapter you wish to connect to the router - no key phrase, no connection.

What I'm not clear about is whether you are using the wireless connection, and to what. These encryption schemes are only used for wireless - they are not used for wired connections at all.

If you are using wireless, then the software that came with your wireless adapter (or the Intel software on a Centrino laptop) will enable you to put in the key.

The firewall is a separate issue. You really should have a firewall, a virus scanner and a spamware scanner if you have broadband.



  Miss Happy 10:38 21 Jul 2006

Thanks felixtcat, the wireless connection is to broadband via the routers internal modem.

I have AVG antivirus up-to-date, CCleaner and ad-aware used everytime I log off laptop. I also have zonealarm though it does not seem to be logging any alerts since yesterday (the router was then wired to the laptop to setup initial config).

I will go back to router wizard and do security - even if 3Com in Canada say dont bother.

  FelixTCat 12:04 21 Jul 2006

Sounding good so far. Remember to use the same key phrase on the router and the laptop.

When setting up, you may have to initially disable the laptop firewall to establish the connection and then add a firewall rule to allow the laptop to talk to the router and the desktop. Sometimes the firewall will offer to set the rule for you automatically.



  ade.h 13:34 21 Jul 2006

Hi Miss Happy. Does this help? click here (Please ignore all the unfinished pages, LOL. Work in progress)

  Miss Happy 17:18 22 Jul 2006

Thanks ade.h, yes it does, I have saved page from the networks.forum and will setup . Woodchip has come back off his hols and has also sent me some of his settings for the wired. They seem to be nearly the same as mine so far. I had some help from 3Com tech. but found their PC/ configs are not the same in Canada as the settings here - not useful.

It seems all I need now is to verify my security and encryption settings are up and running on both the router and laptop and they match. Any simple way to do this, however dim this question may be? Does the 3Com have to be hardwired or is it ok to 'wirelessly' change settings? Info is probably on your link!

  Miss Happy 17:32 22 Jul 2006

Needs to be wired to do 'wireless' config changes, sorry should have read link to networks.forum first...blush, blush, blush

  ade.h 18:01 22 Jul 2006

Glad you liked my site!

Any bits that you don't quite follow, let me know. I have a 3Com PDF manual to refer to if necessary.

  Miss Happy 13:07 24 Jul 2006

Ade.h and felix, thanks for all your help, the link to ade.h page was great.

I am now going to check all the details exactly as ade.h page lists (after writing it all down, phew!) It is very easy to follow for someone like me!

If I have any probs, I will get back to you, thanks guys!

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