Wireless Router - DVD Drive / Cd Drive - Problems

  buster99 12:55 11 Nov 2006

Can anyone please help,

I've just finished installing a Linksys ADSL Router. Its hardwired to my Desktop and provides wireless for laptop. Since its installation my DVD Drive and second CD drive have both stopped working. There is power to both units. Device manager shows both drives with a yellow exclamation mark next to it.
The error codes given for each are :-
1) DVD Drive - Error code 41 - Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

2) CD Drive - Error Code 19 - Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I've uninstalled both units and windows successfully picks them up on reboot but each time it posts the same error codes.

Any suggestions appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  mgmcc 13:12 11 Nov 2006

You don't *INSTALL* a router either as hardware or software in a PC. It is simply a network device to which the PC connects, either by ethernet cable or wirelessly. It won't appear in Device Manager and it won't appear in the Network Connections folder - the only connection shown will be the network adapter (Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection).

I cannot therefore see how using the Linksys router can have had any effect on the CD and DVD drives. Have you run System Restore back to before the problem arose?

  buster99 13:15 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for the reply, no I haven't yet tried system restore. It took about an hour of telephone technical advice to set the router up. It involved changed various things which I would be unable to repeat. Will system restore take it back to the original settings and effect the router system.

  mgmcc 13:28 11 Nov 2006

System Restore should put things back to the way they were. It would have been useful to know what changes you made so, if necessary, these could be reversed.

  buster99 13:34 11 Nov 2006

Unfortunately I'm not a technical wizard, it involved changing the network bridge settings and also IP settings. I asked the technical team regarding the problem and they stated I would have to contact the manfacturer of problem item (Fob Off). If one had stopped working then I would think there was a problem with the drive, but for both to stop immediately after installation would suggest the router is causing the problem / conflict - but I'm stumped to a solution.

  mgmcc 17:24 11 Nov 2006

OK, I can understand that if there had been a network bridge, that should have been removed. However, again neither that nor playing about with IP addresses should have had any effect on optical drives. It really is weird. Did you run System Restore?

  Ashrich 01:09 14 Nov 2006

I agree with mgmcc , there is nothing the router could do to stop the drives from working , it only attaches to the PC by it's ethernet cable , a system restore will not affect the router so the technical teams answer wasn't a fob off , it's not their fault . Open the case , just to make sure that the IDE cable is attached firmly at both ends for the drives , run your antivirus and malware scanner and if you still don't fancy a system restore you could do a Windows repair instead .


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