wireless router difficulty

  Dasmad 18:03 26 Jan 2008

I've just installed a netgear WPN8002 to allow me to be connected all round the house, on my one and only pc - a wireless enabled laptop. the pc picked it up perfectly first time, although I sensed that I might have missed some steps of configuration......and sure enough after shutting down the pc it won't reconnect on the wifi, although it knows it's there, and on the connection dialog it claims it has connected, but shows "disconnected" at the top. A simple matter of ticking or unticking some boxes somewhere, I hope, if someone could guide me......?

  silverous 19:12 26 Jan 2008

Did you put any security on the router and not put the corresponding info on the laptop e.g. if you enabled mac address filtering, or put encryption (WPA etc.) on the router you'd need to configure the laptop. Could it be signal related or do you get same even if sat next to the router?

  Dasmad 09:12 27 Jan 2008

since there is no "fixed" pc from which the router would be branched, I haven't tried to "talk to" the router directly - it seemed just to configure itself when first connected. but must I cable connect directly to the router and change some settings there.....? makes no difference where I am relative to router.

  silverous 10:18 27 Jan 2008

Sorry, your use of pc to mean laptop had me confused me a little, usually pc means desktop.

Is it a wireless access point i.e. is the router plugged into something else that enables it to provide you internet access? Are you on Cable or ADSL ?

Most wireless routers instructions propose a wired connection to set them up in the first instance (particularly if they are broadband routers i.e. ADSL configuration needs to take place).

I suppose some may not need that if for example wireless was enabled by default. Are you saying that the instructions didn't need you to do that?

I can't find the model WPN8002 anywhere online - in fact one of the only posts that model returns is yours here! Is that definitely the model ?

When you say it picked it up perfectly first time I'm assuming that you were able to browse the internet etc. as you would expect and you can be sure that it wasn't hopping on to, for example, a neighbours connection at that stage?

Just trying to pin down exactly what might be the problem.

I'm finding it odd that if you haven't set any security on the router that it worked first time, then not afterwards.

  Dasmad 18:55 27 Jan 2008

well, I'm sorry to have confused you a bit,Silver. I am on ADSL which comes into the house via a wifi antenna on the roof, and from there via a cable with RJ45 on the end, into a modem I suppose, out of the modem by similar cable direct to laptop, effectively as a LAN or as I wish to do, into the wifi router.

at the moment I have restored xp to the day before I installed the router and I'm sitting in comfort and connected, but I've a feeling that things could revert as and when I shut down. it's a WPN802, by the way, and I have done nothing in the way of setup for it ! the instructions do propose what you describe, and I thought this will never work, but here we are ! I'll keep you posted !

  silverous 19:53 27 Jan 2008

Hmmm wifi via antenna on roof - that's something I haven't come across before! Is it shared that way in a rural location or something?

I presume that there is some kit somewhere (some kind of wireless router) that turns the Wifi signal from the roof into an ethernet connection down your rj45. At that point you are then turning it back into wireless via your wireless access point.

Shutting down, if the settings are working shouldn't cause them not to. Let us know how it goes!

  Dasmad 09:09 28 Jan 2008

the reason it sounds unusual is 'cos we live in a rural area of France with no other possibility for high-speed connection - covers several communes and relays to a strong network node I guess.

but the good news is that my wireless connection restarts ok after a couple of "refreshs". so the system restore sorted out whatever idiocy I must have committed !

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