Wireless Router Connections

  Kuching 18:41 29 Jan 2008

I have two PCs, one connected to the router via a cable and the other connected wirelessly. The latter gets disconnected frequently despite the signals being strong. Will a cabled connection (12 meters) improve the situation? And if it does, will it connect automatically or do I have to set it up? I would be grateful for some advice.

  howard64 18:49 29 Jan 2008

if the wireless one has an ethernet connection then it should connect automatically when plugged in.

  ambra4 18:55 29 Jan 2008

“Will a cabled connection (12 meters) improve the situation”


“Do I have to set it up”

Just connect Ethernet cable from the router port to the Lan port on the computer

And configure the LAN card and the network on the computer

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  Kuching 19:55 29 Jan 2008

Thank you both for your helpful advice. I shall get the necessary cable and try it out.

  Kuching 21:48 26 Feb 2008

I am confused by the many types of cables on the market. There are Cat.5, Cat.5e, Cat.6 cables. There are UTP and STP Patch cables. There are FastCAT, Booted, Snagless and Assembled cables. I need an ethernet cable to connect my PC to the router. Can someone please advise me which type I should get?

  TopCat® 22:17 26 Feb 2008

here's what you want - it's 15 metres long though. You might find a 12 metre one elsewhere. TC.

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