Wireless router being used?

  Sirpad 16:19 16 Feb 2007

This may be a dumb question but how can i tell if someone is using my wireless router to get into the I-Net. Also, if they are is there any way they could also have access to my PC??

  Totally-braindead 16:34 16 Feb 2007

Its not a dumb question its a very good one. If your wireless connection is not secured its wide open for anyone to use and yes they could get into your computer as well. Have a look under Network connections under control panel and see if it tells you it is secured.

  postie24 16:50 16 Feb 2007

Or right click the wireless icon in the task bar and view the wireless connections in range.It will tell you there if yours is secured.
If it isnt go to your router homepage,click the security tab and set up wpa encryption


  Strawballs 23:09 16 Feb 2007
  Sirpad 17:38 17 Feb 2007

Thanks guys.

When I go to my Router homepage came across this 'When MAC Authorization is enabled, all wireless clients are blocked until their MAC addresses are added to the Authorized list. I HAVE Wireless MAC Authorization enabled so I'm assuming this will block anyone coming in unless I give them the MAC key. If this is the case I'm all set??

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